Six Reasons Why You Should Start Jumping the Rope


Rope jumping is a great cardio exercise that also has excellent effects on your body’s coordination and balance. If you do it regularly, it may increase your resistance to effort. Plus, here are a few additional reasons that may convince you of the benefits of rope jumping:

Reason #1:

It`s a cheap way to lose weight.

Reason #2:

The jumping rope may be used anywhere. You may take it in your luggage if you travel a lot.

Reason #3:

You may use it indoors, outdoors, at the gym, or at home. All you need is a little bit of space around you.

Reason #4:

This may turn out to be a great change for those who are bored by doing the same exercises again and again.

Reason #5:

It`s a fast way to burn calories. For instance, if you jump the rope for an hour, you may lose up to 1,000 calories.

Reason #6:

Jumping rope involves all muscle groups and helps you strengthen your whole body.

Although jumping rope is not a risky exercise, you should take some precautions. For instance, buy comfortable shoes and warm up before starting the workout.

You may start by jumping the rope for no more than five minutes at a time, for at least three times per week. In a few weeks, you’ll notice that you will feel able to jump the rope for up to ten minutes at a time, and later for as long as half an hour at a time for up to five times per week.

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