Should You Start Off Slow Or Fast When Doing Cardio Workouts and Exercises?


Should you start off slow or fast when doing cardio workouts and exercises? There are times when you hear that a low intensity workout is better than a high intensity workout. This is a false claim, for you cannot burn most fats while you are on a light workout. High intensity exercises shed out more calories. Nevertheless, you must choose the level of intensity that is not that hard or light for you.

The best type of exercise, if you need to lose weight fast, is the high intensity workout. Remember that in a low intensity workout, your body can easily adapt to it. There will be a stable body response when your body begins to restore energy. In effect, there will be a decrease in metabolism so fewer calories are burned. Keep in mind that if there is low intake of calorie, with low level of intensity routine, your body will be catabolic.

It is in here where the high intensity workout burns a lot of stored carbohydrates in the body, while on the low intensity exercise burns the stored fats. This only means that there is a large amount of calories burned, you can eat regularly, and burn more fats than the food you consume.

What are the benefits of strength and cardio vascular training? Did you know that when you combine strength with aerobic training, it could help you maximize weight loss? The aerobic exercise can help you burn fat, but its effect diminishes after you finish the routine. On the other hand, in strength exercise there is a continuity of calorie burning even after the workout.

Should you start off slow or fast when doing the cardio workouts and exercise? The answer is to start fast to burn more calories. Nonetheless, you must choose the best routine that works for you. For beginners, it is better to start slow and gradually increase the time, stress, rate and tempo of the exercise.

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