Office Cardio Exercise Improves Job Performance


Happy and Healthy Employees with Office Cardio Exercise

Office cardio exercise can be the solution for many employers who are looking to cut costs and improve workplace productivity. Employers need more done in less time, with fewer employees on the payroll. Workplace exercise routines can energize employees, optimizing their work time and delivering great results. Employee exercise can boost endorphin levels, relieving stress and providing a boost to their self-confidence, which can benefit job performance.

Starting an office exercise program can be beneficial to all of the employees along the corporate ladder. A company who cares about their employees’ health and fitness inspires better work habits among its employees. Job performance also increases as energy levels rise with consistent workouts throughout the workday. Employees will have a better self-image, and believe in themselves as they tackle work tasks with renewed vigor.

An office cardio exercise program can provide additional benefits. Employees will be more focused and alert, accomplishing more goals in the same amount of time. Cardio exercise also boosts the amount of endorphins, which are chemicals in the body that increase happiness and reduce workplace stress. Healthier employees take less sick days, and some company health insurance plans may reduce rates when notified about a new office cardio program.

Starting an Office Cardio Exercise Routine

If there is not a lot of room in the company budget for an elaborate office gym, start with the basics. Some simple office cardio routines do not require any equipment at all, such as ergonomic stretching to reduce repetitive stress injuries. As the benefits of an office cardio program become clear, add additional exercise equipment for employees, such as a stationary bike, elliptical machine, or treadmill. These investments in the employees’ health will more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Not all employees are ready to embrace an office cardio program. Remain optimistic, and offer reward programs to inspire employees to fitness excellence. Explain all of the benefits of daily exercise, including better health, less stress, and higher self-confidence. Once employees have tried out the office cardio program for themselves, they will enjoy the daily exercise routines, and challenge themselves to meet even more ambitious fitness goals.

Self-evaluation of the employees’ exercise progress is another way to encourage participation and enthusiasm. Employees can determine their current fitness levels, as well as their future health goals. As time passes, employees will be able to see a difference in their energy levels, fitness, and even possible weight loss. Employee productivity will also increase with a workplace exercise program, so compare their progress with the company’s overall growth.

Office cardio is a hidden productivity gem that companies are slowly beginning to embrace. As more companies discover the health benefits to their employees and to their budgets, more office gyms and exercise routines will be put in place for business success. With the proper exercise equipment made available to employees, both fitness and business goals will be within reach.

Christine O’Kelly is a writer for Smooth Fitness [], providing smooth treadmills [] and other office exercise equipment for exercisers at all fitness levels.

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