Lose Weight Cardio – Short Bursts of High Intensity For Maximum Effectiveness


If cardio is the one thing you are going to do in order to lose weight, cardio must be intense enough to take real effort. It is all about intervals. That is the secret of losing weight really fast through cardio!

Lose Weight Cardio – Your “Moderate” Heart Rate

Want to learn how to calculate your “moderate” heart rate for cardio?

Here is a simple formula to calculate your heart rate:

210 – Your Age, Take that answer and multiply it by .70. You will get the low end of your heart rate. Let’s use 30 as the age:
210 – 30 = 180
180 * .70 = 126
126 to 138 is your target heart rate for moderate aerobic exercise.

Lose Weight Cardio – High Intensity

To calculate for high intensity:

210 – Your age (we’ll go with 30 again). Take that answer and multiply it by .85.
210 – 30 = 180.
180 *. 85 = 153.

140 to 153 is your target rate heart for high intensity aerobic activity.

How to Calculate Heart Rate While Exercising:

Place two fingers on your neck or wrist at the pulse site, and count the beats for 10 seconds (use a watch with second hand). Multiply the number of heart beats in 10 seconds by 6.

Working out in intervals means you are alternating between moderate and high intensity. 3 to 4 minutes each. Do this for an hour.

This kind of cardio is the real lose weight cardio. It means that if you eat what you normally eat and then do interval-lose weight cardio, you will lose weight without dieting.

If you follow this plan, there is no doubt you will lose weight pretty fast. And if you want to maintain your weight, this plan is highly effective too.

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