Kettlbell Challenge – Time and A Lot of Counted Lifts!


I am always looking for ways to challenge both myself and my clients. I have found that there are many methods to take in order to push one to the limits of both mental and physical exhaustion! Take a look at these couple of methods that I have used in order to push the envelope!

1. Maximum Swings: This is a hell of a workout when it comes to both your mental and physical toughness! What better way is there to get into shape than to push your body to the limit? Well, this particular kettlebell challenge does just that. To execute maximum swings you need a counter and a timer. You set your timer to beep at you after 3 minutes. During the 3 minutes you are going to execute the double arm swings for as many reps as possible within the allotted 3 minute time limit. Make sure your counter doesn’t miss a rep! You are pushing your limits for endurance my friends. When you are finished you’ll only feel like dropping the bell and punching someone. Just be careful dropping the bell, and I wouldn’t recommend punching anyone!

2. Overhead Farmer’s Walk: This is just about as miserable as the first one I mentioned. With this particular drill you need a long flat distance (like a football field) and a single kettlebell. From here you will start at one end of the field and clean and press the kettlebell above your head. This is where you need to make sure that your elbow is locked and that your shoulder is also locked into the socket. Next, just start walking with the bell overhead as far as you can with one arm. When you are finished switch arms and do the same thing. Take the measurement down. Now that you have a base-line then go on with your intense kettlebell and strength training until you feel like pushing your body to the limit again on another day. When that day comes try to beat your previous distance!

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