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If you were thinking about starting up a daily jogging routine there are ways to make sure that you stick with it. Chances are if you haven’t jogged in a quite sometime you won’t make it very far without exhausting yourself. I would highly recommend that you do not do that.

Jogging can be fun if you want it to be. I associate the process of jogging with learning the piano. When I first started playing the piano it really wasn’t much fun. I had to learn how to coordinate my hands, know which key was which and so on. In other words I didn’t just sit down at the piano and start playing Mozart.

Jogging is the same way. You need to work yourself up to the point where it is fun. When does it become fun? It becomes fun when the ground seems to move effortlessly underneath your feet. This occurs by starting off slow.

Just like the piano example above when you begin your jogging program it will feel clumsy, you will feel out of shape, you will breathe heavier then you ever have before and it really won’t seem like fun. That is OK because you are going to work yourself through it.

Here is what you should do. Set small goals for you should achieve. On day one make the goal to jog at least halfway around the block, or a reasonable distance depending upon where you live. One day two the goal should be to make it five feet further than the previous day. On day three you should try to go five feet further than day two and so on. Each day you will be pushing yourself a little more, but not too much more, and will feel like you are accomplishing something.

Before you know it, your jog halfway around the block will be one whole block, then two, then three then a mile then two miles and so on. Eventually you will work yourself up to the point where you enjoy going jogging because you are getting some good exercise in and it makes you feel great.

Don’t forget to invest in an iPod or an MP3 player to bring some music along, or even some audio books, podcasts etc. It will make the time go by even faster.

As always do not forget to get a complete physical from your primary care physician. They will look you over, do some tests, and let you know how much you should exert yourself prior to beginning your jogging routine.

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