Include Cardio in Your Weight Loss Routine


I recently read a study that showed positive affects of incorporating cardiovascular activity with your weight training and nutrition program. The study concluded that a short but vigorous cardio routine is optimally the best type of cardio routine to perform if you are looking to lose weight and get in shape.

According to the study your cardiovascular workout should last no longer than 20 minutes per session, with one session per day for three days per week on non successive days. For those of us that see time as a factor for lack of exercising you can see that this only takes up 60 minutes of your time in a given week. This is a small of time to invest to lose that weight and make yourself healthier.

This means that if you like to run, run a bit faster for 20 minutes for three days out of the week just so long as it is not on back to back days.

The study showed that those who were in the study group increased their weight loss as opposed to the group that performed a normal cardio routine.

What this all means is that there may not be a need any longer to perform long sessions of cardio everyday of the week. Instead break your cardio routine down into vigorous sessions where you give it everything you have for 20 minutes and do it just three days per week.

As always do not forget that before you begin any exercise routine you should seek out the advice or a professional. You should also get a complete physical from your doctor or primary care physician to make sure that your body can handle the exercise, nutrition and weight loss program that you are about to go through.

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