How to Build a Health & Fitness App with the Most Unique & Advanced Technology?


Health & Fitness app development is the most demanded sought-after business concept that goes around the online marketplace today. This is because,Guest Posting Health and fitness have always been a top priority for each and everyone. Moreover, fitness has always been a holistic approach to our physical as well as mental well-being. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the consciousness towards our fitness & health has elevated to a great extent.   As we are in typical situation with the attack of pandemic, it is vital for everyone to keep up stern social distancing in order to break the chain. In such scenario, visiting to gym or any health sectors are not advisable. To resolve this dilemma, Gym trainers, healthcare startups, medical professionals & other healthcare sectors are now seeking for fitness & healthcare app development.  

Global Health & Fitness App Market during Covid 19:

Gyms and fitness studios are kept closed during this lockdown period. As a result of this, play stores registered the highest number of health & fitness app downloads across the globe. It has been recorded 46% of growth in health & fitness app downloads in the top play stores. Almost every countries experience this growth in fitness app downloads, in that India stands top with its increase in downloads by 157%. The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) follows India in the table with its 65% increase.

How Health & Fitness Apps Can Ensure Social Distances and Make Users Active During Covid 19?

  1. With these apps, users can enjoy their home workouts with their beloved family members. They can do all sorts of physical activities like walks, dance, yoga practices, meditation etc with their family.
  2. Virtual classes or online video sessions in these fitness apps helps users to get training from the trainer by staying away from them. 
  3. Wearable devices connected with fitness apps aid the users to monitor their health condition regarding their body temperature, heart beat etc.
  4. Notification feature in these fitness apps will remind the users about their workout sessions, so that they won’t miss their exercise & stays healthy.
  5. By collecting the users body info, these apps will suggest them to increase or decrease their weight by guiding them with food habits & workouts.
  6. Health & Fitness apps supports the users to burn their stress with various stress relief solutions like meditation, yoga’s etc.

What are the Revenue Models of Health & Fitness App?

Here is the top 4 revenue models of the Fitness app


Free Apps with premium videos:

Paid Apps

In-app PurchasesTo know more in detail, refer this article >> How to make money with Health & Fitness App?

Top Health & Fitness App Development Company

MacAndro is the first rate Health & Fitness app development company, builds the best in class fitness apps & mHealth platform to gyms, healthcare sectors, pharma companies and to hospitals. We offer world class fitness app development services with best UI/UX design to our clients to make them stay ahead from their competitors. 

What’s Unique in MacAndro’s Fitness App Development?

“We Create Fitness App With Crypto Rewards Feature”

Being a reputed mobile app solutions provider in blockchain tech across the globe, we offer healthcare & fitness app development solutions with the most advanced blockchain technology. With our Cryptocurrency integrated Fitness app, you can offer your users crypto rewards.

Refer this article to know the working process of crypto rewards >> Health & Fitness App in Blockchain technoloy

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