How Just Shedding Off 25 Pounds Got My Friend a Lovely Wife and a Good Job


There is no doubt that people who exercise regularly live a healthier life than those who are mostly sedentary and don’t do any type of physical exercise. Activity is life while death is inactivity. Obesity or overweight predisposes you to a lot of ill health that could reduce your life span very considerably.

Do you know that many people know the benefits of fitness exercises but would not engage in any of it because they cannot bring themselves to endure the effort involved? Friend, you can do better than such people and begin exercising today. You can choose water aerobics or any other type of fitness exercise you like. Just get started.

Let me paint a picture for you: A fit looking prospective employee is seen by a prospective employer as an embodiment of both vitality and alertness, two of the important factors he is looking for in a prospective employee. No serious firm will be interested in an overweight dull looking individual. If you don’t look smart how anyone can ever think that you can do anything smart.

Assuming you are not yourself overweight, would you not like to remain trim and fit for all to see? You should workout regularly to maintain a trim physic and fitness that makes for mental alertness necessary for leading an enjoyable life. You can try water aerobics. It is very good for working out your heart and lungs and keep fit physically instead of making you overweight with poor energy, lack of both mental and physical alertness. People who are overweight are generally assumed to be of low mental capabilities. I am sure you do not want to be so identified.

Though you enjoy legal protection in this country in terms of employment, a company will wisely not mention your overweight condition as they reject you for employment, even when that is the main reason for denying you employment. According to headhunter’s Kathleen Johnson in The Road To CEO, “a fifty pound overweight candidate did not make the cut because the extra weight made him appear stooped and lumbering, not quick and agile”.

So, you can see that your level of intelligence gets diminished by the extent you are overweight in the eyes of prospective employers. Being overweight to an employer is a clear indication that you are ridiculous. How well you can do the job goes with the wind. Don’t let that happen to you when regular aerobic exercises can make it possible for you to be fit and healthy looking.

A friend of mine, who is slightly overweight, went for a job interview of recent. In fact, that is what prompted this article. He was sure, very confident, that he did very well in both the test and the oral interview, but unfortunately one of the interviewers, a lady called my friend aside and confirmed in him that he did very well, except that she is afraid that his being overweight will cost him the job opportunity. And that was it, my friend lost the chance at the end.

However, the lady had assured my friend, “if you would go shape up, I will not only help you get a go at another opportunity, but I would not mind being your very good friend”. My friend did as the lady advised and lost 25 pounds. Guess what? Today they are happily married and my friend gainfully employed in the same company as his wife. And what did my friend do to gain all that? He dropped a mere 25 pounds overweight.

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