How Aerobic Exercises Can Help You Lose Weight


Most workouts for weight loss contain an aerobic exercise or two. These make for great activities to put your heart, lungs, and entire body into action. Below is the rationale of how you can lose weight through aerobic exercises.

Creates calorie deficits
The more muscles that move during a workout, the higher the chances of expending more calories. Since aerobic exercises employ most large groups of muscles in the body, it is likely that you can create the suitable environment for losing more fats. Take low-paced jogging for example. Because virtually all lower body muscles and some upper body muscles are used through jogging, a person who does this workout can expend around 300 calories within 30 minutes. This number of calories slashes off significant amounts of fat in your body. Coupled with other exercises that are more demanding, you can actually use up more calories than you take in.

Usage of fat as fuel
The body naturally produces ATP, or Adenosince Triphosphate, during sustained body movements. ATP is the combination of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Since fat are far less complicated to use during the production of ATP and are more readily available in bodies with larger built, they tend to be used in larger quantities than the other two components. This then leads to burning of greater masses of fat in the body. The good news is, with higher intensity, the body expels more fat.

This does not mean though that exercising aerobically at lower intensities does not serve its purpose. It is good to remember that any aerobic exercise, whether done at low, moderate, or high rates, provide similar benefits which include strengthening of muscles that are used in respiration, efficient burning of fat, and significant improvement of the metabolic rate.

With the host of benefits mentioned above, it is without doubt that aerobic exercise, especially when sustained for long periods of time and in higher intensity, can benefit greatly in the reduction of fat mass in the body.

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