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So, you’ve tried out some new classes, and would like to do a spin class, but it’s pretty intimidating. Everyone seems to know exactly what they are doing, and many are wearing funny shoes and padded pants! Besides that, they all seem to have ‘favorite bikes’!

Spin classes are a great way to burn calories, get a good workout for your heart and lungs and hear some new music. To make it a little easier, here are the basics:

– Each facility has a sign-up policy. Familiarize yourself in advance, so you can get to class a few minutes early to get help from the instructor or other students.

– You can easily do spin classes in your regular workout clothing and shoes. If you find that you are getting ‘saddle-sore’, try to sit less heavily. If that doesn’t help, you might consider padded bike shorts.

– Spin shoes clip to the pedals and allow you to pull up on the pedals to more thoroughly work the hamstrings and gluts. They aren’t mandatory, but, will enhance your workout if you are doing regular spin classes.

– There are 4 adjustments on the spin bikes that the instructor will help you learn: 1) Seat height 2) Seat forward/back position 3) Handlebar height 4) Handlebar forward/back position.

– The resistance knob determines the difficulty of your pedaling, along with speed. Pace yourself by decreasing the resistance or slowing down. Never spin without any resistance, as it’s unsafe for your knees.

– If you are experiencing pain during or after class, seek out the instructor. Often, a minor adjustment will help you to enjoy safe spinning.

– Remember, no cars to watch out for!

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Sari Lewis, OTR/L, RCST® has been an exercise enthusiast for years. Her private therapy practice is in No. Scottsdale, AZ, where she specializes in gentle manual therapies, including Craniosacral Therapy, myofascial release, joint and soft tissue mobilization and neural tension releases to calm tissues and the nervous system.

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