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Cardio exercise is an activity that you will do at a moderate pace for a minimum of 20 minutes,Guest Posting building up to around 45 minutes or at times even higher. You should always begin at a slow pace for about 5 or 10 minutes because this allows your body to warm up and decreases the risk of any injury. It is also a good idea to spend 5 or 10 minutes cooling down after finishing your workout. You do this by going at the same slower pace as you were when you were warming up.

Before starting a cardio program, always consult your doctor, who can evaluate your current situation and give you a rough idea as to where you should be starting and what you are capable of. For the first week or two don’t try to push yourself too much. Spend this time getting to grips with what you are doing. This also gives you and your body the time to get comfortable with these changes. Once you have a couple of weeks under your belt then you can start adding to your program. This can be in the amount of time, or distance that you do. Remember that to keep on improving you must keep adding, otherwise your body will soon adapt to what you are doing and this will lead to your results stopping.

The next thing is decide what type of cardio exercise you want to do. Try to think of something that you may enjoy. If you hate running, it will be pointless taking up running to lose weight, because your heart will not be in it, and you will soon stop doing it. For cardio to be effective you will need to do it for a certain amount of time (20-45 minutes). Some people can find boredom setting in pretty quickly. To compensate for this you should use music wherever possible while you do your cardio workout. Pick your favourite tunes or something fast and motivational. Focus on the music and not the time you are spending doing your workout. This stops you from clock watching and you will find that the time spent doing your cardio workout goes by much quicker.

Here are a few of the best cardio exercisers for burning fat:

Elliptical machines are a great way of burning fat, improving your stamina, and toning your muscles. They are relatively new compared to other pieces of exercise equipment, but are very effective. You have the benefits of working your upper and lower body with an elliptical machine.

Rowing machines are excellent pieces of equipment. Not only do they target all areas of your body, they can up to a point increase muscle mass, which is always a good thing when you are trying to lose weight. Apart from the fitness benefits, you can burn many calories using a rowing machine. The fact is that the more of your body you use during a workout, the more calories you will burn.

Running us another good way of burning calories and it is also free. Running is more effective than jogging for burning calories. A couple of points to remember are that you should make sure that you have a pair of good running shoes. Also try to run on a soft surface such as grass as this will have less impact on your joints than if you were on a road. If you do run on a street, forget the music because you don’t want to be hit by a car that you didn’t hear coming.

A stationary bicycle is a traditional piece of equipment which has been around for many years. It is still considered as an effective cardio workout, but it all depends on what levels of difficulty you choose to use. The benefit of this piece of equipment is that you can ride it while you are watching television, which may alleviate some of the boredom associated with an exercise bike.

These are by no means all of the cardio exercisers that you can do. There are lots of others including swimming, skipping rope, circuit training, using steppers, and walking. You need to pick one or a combination of a few that you will think you might enjoy. Always remember to start slowly and increase what you do a step at a time. One thing is clear and that is the effectiveness of cardio exercise for weight loss.

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