Burn Fat For Summer – 5 Fitness Answers Revealed


How can I burn fat?

Aerobic exercise (cardio) burns fat and stored carbs for energy. Depending on the style of exercise that you are actually doing, the percentages of each that are used for fuel change. Walking, casual bike riding, and light hiking burn more fat than they do carbs as they are lower intensity activities. Running and serious cycling or fast-paced swimming use more of the carbs and less fat but can burn more overall calories. Going the slower route is not necessarily better however since running and walking the same amount of time produces different fat-burning results percentage wise (running being a lower percent) but since the running burns so many calories, the fat-calorie count ends up being higher.

How about Pilates and Yoga?

You constantly see celebrities claiming they owe their beautiful bodies to yoga and Pilates. While these do tend to sculpt muscles, Pilates often is not intense enough in nature to actually get the point where it ever burns that many calories or fat. When certain styles of yoga and Pilates are used in tandem with other forms of exercise, the results can be magnificent. Yoga which is more aerobic like power yoga can produce excellent fat-burning results similar to many other types of aerobics. So if you are aiming to burn fat and calories with the above, go for the more intense power yoga.

What about lifting weights? Is that just for men building muscle?

Lifting weights is great for just about everyone. It can be a great source of exercise for fat-burning. It get your metabolism going (as long as the weight is heavy enough) and keeps it up after the actual process raising your resting metabolic rate helping to burn fat even when the workout is over.

So how long can I expect to burn fat after exercising?

Of course, like anything, the answer to this question varies depending on various factors such as intensity of workout, how long you were at it, what you were actually doing, and your natural metabolism. Experts say the range for fat-burning can be anywhere from a few hours after your workout to the next day. So it is important to up the intensity whenever possible and remember that the pain you feel at that moment will benefit you for quite awhile after it is all over.

Isn’t there an easier way?

As with any task that produces great results, there are no shortcuts. There are ways to make your fitness decisions worth more, but no way to completely eliminate the fitness part from the decisions. The people who own supplement companies will try to tell you differently. But over the years, we have all seen that at best, some of those over-the-counter pills are a waste of money and unfortunately at worst, have had serious health side effects. When it all comes down to it, the good old fashioned way to fat burning is still the truest method. Exercise to burn fat and burn more calories than you take in. I know, a boring and predictable note, but the way to a healthy, lean and sexy body!

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