Building a Strong Heart – 2 Drills That Will Build You a Heart Laced With Steel!


So if you are looking to build a heart that is strong and that will give you amazing conditioning then you need to check out the following 2 drills. To build up your cardiovascular conditioning the following 2 exercises are designed in an interval type of format based on work and recovery. The key is learning how to manipulate your recovery time in order to improve it, thereby improving your overall cardiovascular conditioning and promoting ultimate weight-loss and fat-loss! Note: The following 2 exercises are designed for more moderately fit to advanced fit individuals. Beginners should work on lower intense exercises before progressing to the following 2 drills.

1. 20 Yards Of Jumps: This is a basic drill that is sure to get your blood pumping fast! To begin this drill you will want to mark off a distance of about 20 yards in an open flat field. Start at one end of your mark and perform a squat long jump. Jump as high and far as you can with each jump. Make sure you land heel to toe and explode into each jump with continuous effort. Give yourself about 45 seconds rest between each 20 yard completion of the jumps.

2. 20 Yards Of Lunge Jumps: To begin this drill you will want to start on one end of the marked line. From here take a lunge step and then explosively jump off of the lead leg. Once you are in the air bring the other leg up and make sure that you land heel to toe on both feet. Once you have landed then alternate legs and repeat the same thing on the opposite side. Propel yourself the full 20 yards making sure that each jump is as far and as high as you can go. You need to try and limit your rest time to 45 seconds between each of the 20 yards of jumps. This interval style of work time to rest time is what will give you a tremendous amount of cardiovascular conditioning!

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