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You haven’t picked up your bicycle yet? Well, if I were you I would hurry to get your Trek, Schwinn, Mongoose, or BMX bike because people all across the nation are turning to these brands for their cycling needs because of their durability and brand recognition.

Once thought to be just the domain of children and extreme sports athletes bicycling is an activity that is really picking up steam in the United States and catching on with the older as well as the young. The causes of the wave of bicyclists stem from factors such as rising gas prices, exercise purposes and overall health concerns. Specifically, bike riding offers the following benefits:

– dramatically improves cardiovascular activity and endurance
– strengthen and tones muscle and offers a full body workout at one time that places very little stress on the joints
– an economic alternative to gas powered vehicles and a low maintenance means of transportation

The benefits in riding a bicycle are almost infinite , and one of the benefits that was not mentioned above was the stress relief factor.

Although bicycle riding is very rewarding it may not be practical under certain circumstances, i.e., when travelling to work is impractical due to the distance or terrain or when there are other factors such as inclement weather.

Families are also taking advantage of the new bicycling craze and turning trips on bikes into family bonding time. Because these opportunities are a little difficult to find for most families as well as squeezing in some time for exercise, this allows for families to kill 2 birds with one stone combining exercise with quality family time. With obesity amongst children being at its highest levels in decades , this is definitely a plus.

Those that are choosing the biking lifestyle are buying, used bicycles as well as cheap bicycles and new bicycles. The most sales are for Trek bikes, Mongoose Bikes, BMX bikes and Schwinn bikes, however, the emergence and the popularity of the X Games has really boosted the demand for BMX bicycles which are better constructed for tricks and extreme BMX competition, which also applies to the Mongoose style of bicycle. Trek and Schwinn are known for their durability and name brand worthiness as brands that you can trust.

Last but not least, let us all keep in mind that safety when travelling by bike is of paramount importance . So please, make sure that everyone is wearing the proper protective gear such as helmets and pads and if you are riding at night make sure that you are wearing either light colored clothing or reflective clothing and have your bicycle outfitted with the appropriate reflectors and lights to make sure that you are seen while riding.

So go travel by bike! It is rewarding in more ways than one and an experience that you will never tire of.

Thomas Byars is an avid bicyclist and fitness fanatic based in Austin, Texas that is heavily engaged in the sell of Trek, Schwinn, Mongoose, and BMX [] bicycles and bicycle equipment of which you can take a look at []

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