Best Types of Cardio For People With Knee Or Hip Problems – What’s the Top Workout?


Did you know that you can get rid of your body pains and discomforts through cardiovascular exercises? If you think that exercise serves to help you lose weight only, you are totally mistaken. It can also help you improve your overall health and well-being and not just your weight problems. These simple pains, if not given quick attention, may get worse and may lead to serious health complications. In order to avoid this, you need to have the best types of cardio for people with knee or hip problems. Therefore, if you are wondering what the top workout is, you will now know with this article.

More often than not, you confine yourself when you have problems with your knees or hips. You live a dull life and become a couch potato. However, this may not be so. You can still go out and exercise, granting it is not a strenuous activity like basketball and tennis. Low intensity exercises are best for you.

Below are the best types of cardio for people with knee or hip problems:

1. Swimming is one of the top cardiovascular exercises that you can consider doing. This will not aggravate your knee or hip injury but will even strengthen them due to your resistance to water. On top of this, you will also burn as much as 500 calories because swimming is a complete body exercise.

2. Walking is another good form of exercise that you can do every day. Walking for 30 minutes can help you burn calories of 180 calories. Make sure you have a good and comfortable pair of walking shoes so that you will not form blisters.

3. Elliptical training and stationery bicycling also belong to the best types of cardio for people with knee or hip problems. Just make sure you invest on high quality machines so that you will not damage your health.

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