At Last! – Top 10 Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight & Burn Fat Fast!


Cardio exercises are essential to losing weight and having good health. These exercises are those that increase your heart rate to help you burn calories faster. Pairing up these types of activities with weight training and proper nutrition can make you lose weight and build attractive, toned muscles.

Now that we have established that cardio workouts are important, it is the time to choose the right one for you by going through these top 10 exercises:

Running is still the most famous and effective cardio workout. Anyone can do this; you only need a good pair of running shoes. You can either run outside or run on a treadmill indoors. Running is a fast way of burning fat.
Cycling is another good choice. It helps burn fat and at the same time tones the leg and butt muscles.
Power walking is another easy-to-do and convenient activity that can be done at least 30 minutes a day.
Aerobics is a top cardio exercise choice among women, as proven by the number of women enrolling in these classes. These days, there are also workout videos that can be shown and done at home.
For those who love the outdoors and the water, swimming is a good choice. Swimming helps improve the cardiovascular activities of the body and burns a lot of calories. Have you noticed that most swimmers have great bodies?
Running or walking down the stairs is another incredible workout.
Elliptical training is a good exercise if you want to burn about 300 calories for only 30 minutes. It also helps build a person’s strength and endurance.
If you want a fun but great way to lose weight, you might want to try dance workouts in a gym or at home. Hip Hop Abs is an example.
Belly dancing is a fun way to burn belly fat and to strengthen the body.
Circuit training, or going around different machines in the gym, is the last top cardio workout.

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