6 Reasons Why There is a Need For Cardio Exercise


Cardio exercise is another form of exercises that is designed to burn calories and makes you physically fit and healthy. Cardio exercises are gaining popularity day by day but many of us are confused as how much to do it or what are the benefits. Some experts believe that 20 to 60 minutes are enough while other believes that there is no need for this exercise. What I would recommend is that you should know the benefits of cardio exercise and decide for yourself whether you need a cardio exercise or not.

Given below are some benefits of cardio exercise:

1. You body feels active: Exercise can leave you fit, healthy and active. Generally, after a tiring day our body feels exhausted and inactive with joints, muscles or back aching. One also feels stress in their shoulders or head is hurting badly. But think about how you feel after a workout session. Your body feels active with all the stress and pain gone and muscles feeling flexible and warm. This is one of the greatest benefits of cardio exercise. It will leave you sweaty but active.

2. Another benefit is weight loss. Cardio exercise is known for burning calories thus resulting in weight loss. You can shed those excess calories by performing cardio workout routine regularly.

3. One healthy benefit of cardio exercise is that it makes your lungs and heart stronger. Also, research has suggested that performing a cardio exercise such as walking for about fifteen minutes per day can decrease chances of heart disease. The blood circulation to our body is increased.

4. As your body becomes active with regular exercise so does the metabolic rate increases which again results in burning calories more quickly. This increases your chances of losing weight and getting lean body more quickly.

5. Cardio exercise is known to increase the blood circulation to the system. This not only makes heart strong but also the level of flow of blood is increased. This in turn leads to increase in red blood cell. Red blood cells are known for carrying oxygen to the different parts of body so as the number of these cells increases the oxygen level is more efficiently delivered to each body part.

6. Our body needs oxygen to stay active. The oxygen is efficiently delivered to the body when you regularly perform cardio exercise so the cardio vascular system of our body is strengthened.

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