10 Tips For Cardio Workouts


Workouts may seem boring and only the thought of sweating and panting may drive all your motivation miles away. But if you follow these 10 tips, you will surely not only enjoy but give more time to your workout sessions.

1. Activities you enjoy

Don’t choose any activity just because it helps you burn more calories or is thought to be best of the cardio exercises. Don’t run if you don’t like it, o for an activity which you enjoy. If swimming or bicycling pleases you more then go for it. You can do these activities twice or thrice a week and once start doing what you enjoy; you won’t feel bored or exhausted.

2. Right equipment

Buy the right equipment for your workouts. This is necessary to ensure your own safety and comfort. If you like running, then buy a good pair of joggers, or if you like swimming, then get an affordable sports watch. You will like to try the new accessories and will enjoy if you have something to do while you exercise.

3. Make your workout pleasurable

If you don’t like to pedal your stationary bike for long, then bring your iPod or a magazine with you. The activity will keep your mind busy and the music will pump your adrenaline. You’ll finish with your workout before you’ll even know.

4. Switch

Working on one machine for 30 minutes can be boring. Switch to different exercises after 10 minutes or so.

5. Sneak a few minutes

You can do sprinting or jumping rope for 2 minutes or so between sets of step aerobics. This will not let you get bored and boost your energy.

6. Full body exercise

You burn lesser calories on a stationary bike than running. during cycling half of your body is still, while with a little more effort you can use all your body muscles with running.

7. Burn fat

Cardio exercises are very effective in fat burning especially when you do it with an empty stomach. You can do cardio exercises as the first thing after you wake up in the morning.

8. Wait before eating

If you are interested in burning fat then you should wait one hour before you eat anything after a cardio workout. As your heart rate remains huh even after the workout, it burns your fats in that time interval.

9. Heart rate

If you want to burn fats but are exercising within the target range of your heart rate then it’s not going to be beneficial. To calculate your target heart rate, subtract your age from 220 and it is recommended that you start with 70% of your target heart beat and increase it with increasing fitness level.

10. No excuses

Now that you know ways to a healthy cardio exercise and all its benefits, you should start off right now. Make up a firm mind and devote some time to yourself.

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