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After spending time in a class with your Yoga teacher, for an hour or two, the commute home is much more tranquil. You left anxiety back at the door step of your Yoga class, and have discovered inner peace again. How do you capture that feeling of tranquility and “bottle it?”

Would you like to order “Yoga to go” or package some “inner peace?” If only it were that easy to package Yoga. Yet, there are some tools that will help you maintain your peace of mind, until your next Yoga class.

Music: Music, that generates relaxing and happy feelings, has the power to be particularly uplifting. Music is a great way to prevent anxiety, loneliness, and sadness. Some of the better music for Yoga can also be played when you are commuting from one point to the next.

If you shop for Yoga music CD’s, you may also want to try an audio book, in CD format, about Yoga, self-help, or self-improvement. Some of these CD’s can be played many times and can create a positive frame of mind.

Workshops: There are many Yoga, and Yoga teacher workshops to attend, so choose a workshop that sparks your motivation. You may also want to look at workshops for self-help, and holistic approaches to life, because some of these sessions will also help you create a happy and successful life.

Bathing: Take the time to enjoy a bath, instead of a quick shower; it will make you feel happy, energetic, and refreshed. Just make sure you have the time to enjoy your bath – without creating a pressure situation.

Prayer: It does not matter what your religion is. This is one of the most fundamental practices to bring happiness. Prayer is your private conversation with God. Many people pray only when they need something.

Yet, daily prayer brings happiness. Why? When you learn that God forgives, it is time to forgive yourself. Bhakti Yoga is union by devotion to God. You do not have to be a particular religion to devote yourself to God.

Yoga Books: Whenever you take a vacation, of any kind, bring at least two Yoga books, which you have wanted to read. If you have a companion, read when your significant other is sleeping. There is always time, if you are willing to be creative.

Positive Affirmations: Whenever you practice positive affirmations, you will see, and feel, the rewards. If you want self-respect, you have to think and speak well of yourself. Consider your accomplishments, and what you have done, for the people around you. Repeated positive affirmations often become reality.

Visualization: You should actually take the time to see yourself as worthy, loved, and happy. What you visualize often becomes reality.

Breathing: In Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) techniques are many. Pay attention to Pranayama practice, while you are in your Yoga classes. Many Yoga students do not learn the value of Pranayama.

Pranayama is the master of your mind. Pranayama is the fundamental link between mind and body. Pranayama will improve your health, but you should learn Pranayama from a Yoga teacher.

Kapalabhati Pranayama should be practiced daily, but Bastrika Pranayama is usually practiced daily prior to Kapalabhati Pranayama. Personally, I practice Bastrika for the first Pranayama of the day.

Meditation: There are many forms of meditation, but they all lead to the same end. Balanced thinking, harmony, and tranquility, are yours with a steady meditation practice.

You do not have to make all these changes at once, but do incorporate a few of them into your daily life, and you will be much happier.

Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, is a co-owner and the director of Yoga teacher training at: Aura Wellness Center, in Attleboro, MA. He has been a certified Master Yoga teacher since 1995. To receive a Free e-Book: “Yoga in Practice,” and a Free Yoga Newsletter, please visit:

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