Cancer Patients Get Relief From Laughter Yoga


We have had several cancer patients attend our laughter club who have cancer and are going through chemotherapy. Many don’t have much to laugh about since they are experiencing great physical and emotional pain and they were very curious about the history of laughter yoga and its benefits.

The History of Laughter Clubs

o The first Laughter Club started in March 1995 in Mumbai, India.

o It was started by Dr. Madan Kataria, a trained medical physician.

o He saw a need to have a club where people went and just laughed to obtain the medical benefits of laughter. They have now become so popular that they have grown into a worldwide movement of more than 5500 clubs throughout the world. Many of the cancer patients who attended the laughter club asked how stress could have contributed to their cancer. Many people with cancer attribute it to too much stress, but what is stress? Stress is the normal reaction of the body to an external situation which releases adrenalin. The adrenalin impacts on your emotion, which changes your perception, which impacts on your reaction. Sustained adrenalin rushes impacts negatively on your immune system and you get sick – cancer! Stress weakens your immune system to enable stress-related illnesses such as cancer, blood disorders, and depression to take hold. Stress-related illnesses are also the biggest killers in the western world. More than $300 billion was lost last year in the United States alone due to stress-related illnesses.

Did you know that?

o Laughter has 3 distinctions:

o 1. It develops a sense of humour, even if you don’t have one.

o 2. It creates a good feeling inside of you.

o 3. It trains you to laugh.

Laughter Yoga has been so successful that several hospitals has implemented a program for its cancer patients to participate in while going through chemotherapy. The patients feel better, laugh more and what used to be a negative – chemotherapy, have now been turned into a positive. It goes to show us that laughter truly is the best medicine!

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