Who Wants To Know The Truth About Weight Loss, Fat Loss, And Metabolism?


“Who Wants To Know The Truth About Weight Loss, Fat Loss And Metabolism?”

-To reach a great height, a person needs to have great depth… Anonymous.

My hope with any program that I design for an individual is extraordinarily basic; it is to simply endow the client with the reality and verity regarding weight loss or more specificly, fat loss. Exercise and eating right have been both the passion and pursuit of the bulk of what makes up my life. I have no ulterior motives and no hidden agenda to sway or dissuade my clients or readers. Although my companies; Synergy Fitness Systems, Synergy Global Health Solutions and http://www.kreatefitness.com do carry a line of super-premium supplements, it is only because I was fed up with the poor quality and low nutrient factors of what the “MEGA” and “MLM” suppliers were pawning off on the consumer, including myself, that I chose to invest my own hard-earned cash and provide this “super premium” product line to those who were willing to become educated and enlightened about the efficacy of what they were taking into their bodies. Incidentally, this was after more than 5 years of research and development, production and a lifetime of application and education. I have said this before and I will say it again… I am not a guru nor do I care to be! Call me a pitch-man… I am… For the TRUTH! I will let my character; integrity and my honesty speak for itself. I am successful at what I do because of my ethics, values, and principles and deep-seated knowing, that what I am doing here is bigger than me, it is bigger than my current level of comprehension, that what I am doing is right and it is the right thing… It is REAL! So are my programs. Integrity is the cornerstone of my profession. I am not the first guy in the wellness, fitness or preventative health care industries to tell you that magazines are generally considered one of the most credible sources for exercise, nutrition and fitness information. But that’s not always the case. You cannot believe everything you read…. One more time, let me say it again; you cannot believe everything you read! Quite a portion of magazine publishers own supplement companies, who would of thunk? By strategically placing information about “new supplement breakthroughs” into what is in fact an advertorial, not an editorial, the buy-ability is to a great extent more believable. That is exactly why magazines have become the ideal instrument for selling weight loss products and nutritional supplements. And so we have witnessed and can now bear testimony to the clever birth of the supplement catalog. Amazing…isn’t it?

Furthermore, in the game of losing body fat and that is the primary objective of not only my clients, but weight loss consumers on a whole, a daily caloric deficit must be achieved. This is a critical component and is undeviating. More simply put, you must expend more calories in a given day than you consume. There are three ways you can create this calorie deficit: 1) the most obvious is to decrease your caloric intake from food and increase the amount of calories expended daily through exercise, or you can break them down separately; 2) by increasing the amount of calories you burn daily through exercise or; 3) by decreasing the amount of calories consumed daily through food. Again, I repeat the first method is the most obvious and most effectual, although of the two components involved, the process of calorie expenditure is superior and is undoubtedly the more efficient method. It is also emphatic that you maintain muscle mass, while burning fat, the loss of muscle is not an option! As absurd as it may be, what you are truly looking to achieve is… Or more specifically what the objective is…is to eat the right foods for sustaining bodily integrity and employ exercise as your most significant fat-loss tool. Incongruously, what is practiced more often than not is the dead-opposite… Little to no exercise accompanied by severe caloric reduction (starvation). This both slows the metabolism and inhibits the ability to maintain lean mass. Exercise allows you to establish a caloric deficit and burn fat without diminishing your metabolism. Synergy is defined as an exponential multiplication of efficacious parts, elements or pieces, by placing two (2) or more effective components together… The act of combining strength training (intense-resistance-exercise) and cardio-respiratory exercise with adequate, abundant nutrition and proper hydration will result in exponentially multiplied results! SYNERGY, Baby!!!

Unfortunately, the most common approach to “fat-loss” is erroneous and incorrect. Commercialized and I mean to include a good deal of those; Dr. This-guy and Dr. That-guy authored or endorsed diets all contain the same or a similar yet masked versions of the same derogatory component… Exceedingly low caloric intake! This results in instantaneous “weight-loss”! Fantastic! Right? Wrong! Here is what is really going on… The loss of lean-mass and water! Now if body fat is what you are attempting to lose than why would you want to lose lean-mass, which is where ‘efficient’ metabolism emanates from in the first place? You don’t! It is physiologically impossible to lose fat for any prolonged period of time by starving yourself.

The human body, which indeed works in direct accord with the human mind, is unambiguously too intelligent for this to work. In an attempt to starve fat, you will in-fact starve muscle. Moreover, since muscle is where your metabolism emanates from, it is the prime element of your ‘prospective’ efficient metabolism. The truth is, not only is muscle a more efficient fuel source, but it is your body’s preferred choice of fuel, when starvation is invoked!

On a deeper level the greater injustice going on is that you are slowing down your metabolism even further or perhaps initiating the process of ‘revoking’ your metabolic rights depending on how many times and how severely you have “starved” your metabolism! Now that is not to say there is no hope for you, believe me… There is! But I must stress this point. When your body enters starvation mode, fat loss will severely slow or even cease as your body tries to conserve energy. This is fact! But you say conservation is good right Kurt? The answer again is wrong! Not where human physiological or metabolic function is concerned. I would venture to say that economy on a whole is not a good thing; I mean I would like to think that if I give more, more will come back to me… And If I give, I shall receive! Your body or more distinctly, your metabolism functions under this LAW! Ask Lance Armstrong, the man with the lowest resting heart rate of any living man. He is the fittest, most ‘fuel-efficient’ man on earth… WHY? Because he has mastered the art of spending! The harder he works, the more efficient his body responds and the better he becomes… Thus, so can YOU! Less is not best! Provide adequately, yet abundantly and appropriately (nutrition/hydration/sleep), spend…spend…spend (exercise, both aerobic and anaerobically) and do them in unity and accord of each other.

Until next time…

-To Your Absolute Success, Kurt Lee Hurley

Kurt’s website [http://www.kreatefitness.com], as well as his Provo Utah Private Fitness Facility Synergy Fitness Systems, specializes in in providing leading edge exercise and nutrition programs and a super premium supplement line. All of these superior products offer superior results.

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