Weight Loss, Exercise, and New Year’s Resolutions – Why They Don’t Work?


We have all set them, and we will revisit them again around January 1st. For some reason each year we feel it will be different this time around – only to forget the new gym membership, new clothes and new found inspiration about six weeks into the year.

“Why do New Years Resolutions fail us year after year?” Or a better questionis, “Why
do we fail them?” I believe it comes down to this; anytime you postpone the start of
something, means it is not urgent or serious enough in your life. When something
bad happens to you, what do you do? You move it, you make decisions, you don’t
think about it you just move forward.

“You will only follow through on your weight loss program when the consequences
become your reality.” -From Greg Ryan’s e -book “Truth or Consequences?”

Almost all the people that I have counseled over the years in weightloss have been
successful in keeping it off because at some moment in time they said, “That’s it, no
more options.” I am starting right now. No need to wait, just move forward and stop
talking yourself out of it.

Who says, you have to wait until New Years Eve to start feeling better, losing some
weight and having more energy. Start with these suggestions:

Make a list of reasons to start today.

Make a list of things that are preventing you from starting today.

Make a list of people that can encourage you to start today.

Why wait? Start today. Stop talking yourself out of feeling better.

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