The Seventh Day Diet


If you’ve been training hard, I’m sure you’ve altered your diet to get the best results possible in the least amount of time. For optimal results, you should be eating small meals every 3-4 hours, drinking plenty of water, and making healthy choices. I don’t like to use the word diet, because what you are actually doing is changing your eating habits…not just for a couple of months, but forever. It’s not an easy task, so don’t get frustrated when you’re tempted by a cheeseburger or some chocolate chip cookies. You need to gradually change your diet to healthy foods without torturing yourself so take it slow! Getting through one day is a great accomplishment, and
the more days you get through, the easier it will become.

Today, I’m not going to tell you what you should be eating on those days…and I’d
like to see you eating that way six days a week…We all know what’s healthy and
what’s not, but we’ll cover that more thoroughly another time.

Today, I’d like to touch on The Seventh Day.

The Seventh Day…my most favorite day of the week…
One day a week, I want you to eat Whatever You Want. You can still work out on that
day if it makes you feel better, but after that, allow yourself to eat the foods that
you’ve been craving all week long. Go out to dinner, have dessert, and make sure
you go early enough so that you can eat again before bed!

There are many benefits to this…
#1 Your body needs those foods, after training hard all week, you are depleted.
Eating will fill out your muscles and energize your body for the week to come.

#2 It’s a way to “shock” your body. Just like changing your exercise routine will
shock your muscles into responding, changing your diet so drastically one day a
week will confuse your system and kick your metabolism into high gear.

#3 It’s not always easy to eat “clean” or healthy all the time. After one day of eating
whatever you want, you’ll want to go back to your new healthier habits…trust me.

#4 You Deserve It! You’re taking care of yourself! That one day is like your reward
for being so good all week long!
So, aside from medical restrictions, eat what you want and don’t let yourself feel

Now, you’ll notice a funny thing happening on the seventh day. You look forward to
it all week long and after that first treat, you’ll find you don’t want too much more. I
don’t know why it happens, but it does. Yes, there are days that will be a non-stop
feast. But for the most part you’ll find yourself eating half way decent with an
occasional treat.

Remember that you are in total control of all the changes that you are making. If
you are a control freak; perfect. If not, I’m reminding you that you make all of the
choices! It’s like deciding to be happy or sad…you should always choose happy!…

Enjoy The Seventh Day!

Yours in Fitness & Health,

Audrey Scott

get ’em while they last!


The author has been actively involved it the fitness industry for over 15 Years. She has been a full time aerobics instructor and personal trainer, as well as a competitive bodybuilder. Current owner and founder of Shintai Fitness, LLC., [], AFAA Certified Aerobics instructor 1991, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 1993, Kickbox certified through Promise Enterprises and the ISCA, Spin Certified, Gokyu rank, Tekkenryu Jujutsu under Sensei Damian Ross, Full Time Mother. To view an incredible total body workout visit us at []

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