The Right Way to the Correct Weight


The right way to the right weight.

People often have trouble losing weight because losing weight is too much on their minds. They are far too strict with themselves and too keen on quick results. Also they may be unrealistic about what they can achieve. Many people think they are overweight when all they are is naturally plump. Take a much more relaxed approach to the whole affair and you will be more successful.

Don’t deny yourself the foods you like, once you ban something you will want it all the more. And just as bad, you may be refusing food that your body needs. Why do you think pregnant
women get desires for all sorts of ‘strange’ foods? Because their bodies are telling them to eat what they need to create a new life. A baby. Listen to your body and work with it. It knows
what it wants. The best way to regain correct eating habits is to do it gradually and in a non-strict way.

Never eat with the sole purpose of weight loss. Start by occasionally swapping your bag of crisps for an apple, your large breakfast fry up for muesli, and instead of a bottle
of fizzy pop have a bottle of carbonated spring water. Only do it now an then at first.

The thing is to not make any of these changes a strict rule. Strict rules are always tempting to break, and when you break them you think you’ve hit a setback and you don’t want to create needless hurdles. You will find that you gradually come to like the foods that you thought you never would. You’ll be gradually allowing your body to remember some of the other things it likes
but had forgotten about. Remember, you are not cutting out any food – you’re justinceasing the variety of your diet.

You don’t have to follow the standard strict rules like; Never skip breakfast, Never eat late at night, Never eat sweets etc. etc. Too many ‘nevers’ is something you will never succeed
with. Some people never fancy food first thing in the day and a late evening meal can be part of an enjoyable social occasion. Let yourself be flexible.
Just eat what you feel you need when the time is right for you.
Small changes add up to a lot when it comes to reaching your optimum weight. Eating little and often as opposed to the three (or more) meals a day regime. Chewing your food a little
more thoroughly will aid digestion and make you feel fuller with less food. Drinking more fluids than you do. We are not saying here that you must drink the proverbial ‘eight glasses of water a day’. Just drink, say, three extra glasses of water a day. It’ll make a difference. Feelings of hunger really are often just thirst in disguise.
Taking a little more exercise and being more relaxed in your day to day life will all help.

None of the foregoing are very arduous in themselves, and are certainly not strict rules, but will provide long term results. Not quick, but lasting. I know you’ve heard them all before but
have you actually done them and stuck with them. They are so simple to get into the habit of.

They work as long as you don’t rush to the scales every day, looking for results. Deal in months, not weeks or days.
Don’t be neurotic about what you eat. Of course fruits and vegetables are very good for you and eat as much as you can of them. But don’t forget to enjoy the other foods as well. Fats in
moderation leave you feeling more satisfied for longer and it’s not a good idea to try to drastically reduce them. Most of us enjoy the occasional hamburger & french fries.

And imagine never having ice cream or apple pie again? No, you need, and must allow, a treat now and then. Where we go wrong is in allowing is letting treats become a way of life and the
way to change this is gradually.

When you are slimming without trying you’re on the right, permanent road, to a naturally slimmer you.

By Paul Lambert


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