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“Super Acidophilus” would probably be the right name to appreciate the favorable effects of these bacteria on our health. What is acidophilus? Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a lactic acid producing bacteria which is a “probiotic” organism meaning it favors life. So, unlike many other pathogenic bacteria, acidophilus is beneficial to human health. Our intestines are a home to about 400 species of micro-organisms and not all are good or bad. There is an ecological balance maintained in our body that helps all these bacteria and yeast to sustain them. The function of acidophilus in human body is to absorb lactose form food and convert it into lactic acid thus facilitating digestion and overall health.

Now, about the availability of these bacteria, it is naturally present in our intestines, vagina and mouth. It is also naturally present in the intestines of the animals and in variety of food products like dairy products and meat especially fish. Acidophilus supplements are available in abundance in the market now in varying strengths and varieties. Sweet acidophilus milks and yogurts are also available. It is used in milk processing and preparing yogurts and as supplements for its various health benefits thus finding its place in most food stores.

What is acidophilus used for? Well, the best use of this lactic acid producing bacteria is its aid in human health. Why should we need these bacteria when it is already present in our body naturally? There are reasons like antibiotic intake, chlorinated water, junk food, stomach infections and more which cause a depletion of friendly bacteria in our body thus accelerating the growth of yeast and pathogenic bacteria instead. Taking acidophilus may help in keeping the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast under control thus helps in protecting our body against yeast infections, digestive disorders and bad breadth.

Antibiotics can destroy useful flora thus causing yeast to overgrow and cause infections like thrush, urinary tract infections and infections of the breast. Candida yeast can overgrow with antibiotics causing allergies, digestive disorders, loss of energy and urinary tract infection. Acidophilus is strong enough to combat this yeast generally and is thus suggested with the use of antibiotics. It may help reduce acne and produces essential B vitamins in the body. It can help relieve lactose intolerance as it produces lactase which checks lactose intolerance. Cultured milk containing acidophilus may be a good alternative for people who have difficulties digesting normal dairy products.

Acidophilus is also suggested to enhance general well being and immunity of the body. Acidophilus supplements are found in various forms like powder, tablets, suppositories, liquid and capsules. They vary in their strength and care should be taken while choosing the one that matches your individual need. It’s important to read the instructions and check for “active” or “live” cultures. Heat, direct sunlight and excessive cold can destroy these bacteria.

In rare cases, these bacteria can excessively combine with saliva to digest foods thus producing plaque and releasing acid. Excessive acid released in one area can cause erosion of tooth enamel leading to tooth decay. It is best to consult your doctor if you experience any side effects though they are rarely reported. In special cases such as pregnancy, it is better to take consultation before starting any supplements. Overall, it is one of the best known bacteria which are essential for a healthy digestive system and overall health.

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