No Weight Gain For Me This Christmas – How About You?


I had a weight problem – notice the word HAD.

As I write this in late October I am aware that there is just enough time (six weeks) if you follow my success formula to be totally in charge of your weight by Christmas. Yes you can go through Christmas without looking in horror in your mirror in January. More importantly the change will be permanent.

Wow – some promise!

As a former nurse I should have taken a more sensible approach myself years ago


I was following fad weight loss diets that were increasingly the cause of my gradual weight gain.

I cringe with embarrassment as I remember one diet that consisted of nothing much more than fruit – what was I thinking of? I am normally sane.

Do you recognise yourself in this pattern of behaviour?

Concern about weight> make resolution to do something about it

> follow the latest fad diet

> great success in getting to exactly where you want your weight to be

> return to original eating pattern

> put on weight again.

The cycle begins again.

The real and most sinister problem associated with this cycle is that your body is adjusting your metabolic rate each time you go on a ‘weight crash diet’. Less and less of your food intake is being burnt up. That’s as technical as I am going to get – bottom line your body needs less food to maintain the same weight – and we already know how hard it is to eat less food. What a problem!

Another issue with ‘weight loss’ diets is that they can’t be permanent because they are seldom nutritionally sound.

‘Weight loss’ diets are unsustainable, boring and doomed to making your weight control an even bigger problem.

So what is the answer?

The principles are well known – but they are incredibly hard to stick to.

Eat sensible balanced healthy diet + controlled portions + regular meals + good water intake + moderate regular exercise.

What can make this formula work?

Here is my adjustment to that formula:

Eat sensible balanced healthy diet + controlled portions + regular meals + good water intake + moderate regular exercise + HYPNOSIS + SCALES


There is no excuse for not being able to find out about good healthy nutrition. Every health authority is desperate to give you their advice. Pop into your local health centre and you will be able to get excellent leaflets about nutrition and exercise. The media has countless magazines and TV programmes devoted to these issues.

So it is a given that you can find out what to do.


Haven’t you got the same problem as with weight loss diets that the behaviour is hard to maintain?

Enter hypnosis.


This has been the secret that I discovered by accident. I met a guy Adam Eason a leading UK hypnotherapist and began to understand that so many of our behaviours good and bad are controlled by our subconscious mind. Your subconscious can be re-programmed to support your desire to follow a good nutrition and exercise approach to life. The new behaviour can be learned in a very short time – and the huge benefit is that it is permanent. To learn much more about hypnosis I suggest you take a good look around Adam Eason’s website.


The final part of the success formula for me was the introduction of daily weighing. The scales do not lie. It is an objective approach which will alert you the moment that you are over indulging.

So – cheers and celebrate Christmas without a weight hangover.


Keith Watson who came across hypnosis when developing a website for Adam Eason a leading UK hypnotherapist. I suggest you take a look at Adam Eason’s website and in particular the six week course on weight control that changed my life.

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