New Year’s Fitness Resolutions – How to Set Them? Part 1


Mind Setting

If this year is going to be any different you are going to have to think differently. However, your success now depends not on your past, but how you approach your future.

I did not plan on becoming a champion bodybuilder much less did I think that twenty years later I would be still consistently exercising on a daily basis. However, this is what I did know way back when; I new deep down that one day at a time was all I could believe in. Then the next day, then the next, if only I could hang on one more day?

I just knew that if I kept going something had to happen to my body and to my mind. The exercising just had to pay off. Guess what? One day, out of the blue it did, Don’t be the one who quits one day to early- persevere, be determined and set your mind to a long healthy, happy life.

Goal Setting

First set a goal for the year. Most people go out of the gate real fast, look around and don’t know either where they came from or what direction they are headed in. It is vital that you not just set goals, but you always keep the big picture in mind.

Big Picture Goals

No matter what goals you set for yourself, or who you are, you need to keep one thing in mind; you have got to be in this for the long haul. Deep inside you have to have just a little bit of hope for tomorrow, some good people around you even if it is temporary, and motives that come from your heart.

Stop right here and read not one more word, if you are not going to be in this for the rest of your life. The reality is this; you will not just be able to reach a goal and stop exercising or eat what ever you would like. It does not work that way.

It will never be a perfect situation for you. In order for you to get through the little things you have to keep the big picture in mind all the time. What does the big picture look like to you? Does it look like a perfect body or does it look like a better quality of life? The bigger picture is for LIFE!

Yearly Goals

Most people can not handle more than one big goal a year. When you set it is specific. (Write them down)

Seasonal Goals

Once you’re the main goal is established you can now work backwards with seasonal goals. These are small incremental goals, usually in three month segments. Be sure to make them progressive as the months go by, building up to your main year end goal. (Write them down)

Weekly Goals

Some people have a hard time even thinking in three month segments. It’s all you can do to get through the week. If this is the case, that’s ok! Set a weekly goal. Do what ever it takes to get there. (I have to set goals and write down my times to take breaks and have lunch. So, don’t think you are unusual because you have to have daily or weekly goals.)

Realistic Goals

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to set an unrealistic goal. In some cases your responsibilities in life may not allow you to set lofty goals. You may have to take a step back and set smaller ones in order to attain them at this point in your life.

It is much smarter to set realistic goals, attain them and get to your destination in a longer time frame than to try to shoot for the stars, miss and never reach your full potential.

Good luck and stay focused!

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