Need to Lose Weight? Here are 50 Top Reaosns to Lose the Weight


Here are 50 top reasons to lose weight – Is one of them your weight loss cry?

I conducted a weight loss survey to find out the top three reasons for weight loss. The survey asked one question: What are your top three reasons to lose weight? You see,Guest Posting everyone who wants to lose weight has to have a valid reason.

* A reason so compelling that it will stop the food in mid-air – BEFORE it reaches your mouth. * A reason so valid that you a absolutely cannot fail. * A reason so strong that it will keep you motivated even on the worst days. * A reason so strong that it motivates you to exercise even when you fell you cannot put one foot in front of the other

If you do not have a reason, then you have the yo yo diet syndrome. This syndrome features one diet after another.

You have to have a reason strong enough to keep you focused on your goal. It can be one reason or several reasons. Develop your own reason or look at the reasons our surveyed individuals wrote down. Maybe by looking below, you will find a reason that motivates you.

Steps to Lose Weight Write your weight loss reason(s) down -or print off the list below and put it in the kitchen. Read it every day. Retrain your brain with your great reason to lose weight. If you do, then every time you reach for food, your valid weight loss reason will come to mind and the food will leave your hand. Don’t let anyone tell you that your reasons to lose weight are invalid or stupid. They are your reason(s, not someone else’s reasons. Keep focused on your weight loss goal.

Aren’t you tired of losing weight, gaining weight only to lose weight AGAIN!!

Look at the top fifty reasons to lose weight collected from my survey. Maybe one of these reasons will catapult your weight loss. After all, aren’t you ready to lose the weight permanently so you will never have to diet again?

1. Lose weight to feel healthier. 2. Lose weight so I can feel a sense of pride in myself. 3. Lose weight to lower my blood pressure. 4. Lose weight to have those ever so sexy, appealing muscles. 5. Lose weight so my back will quit hurting 6. Lose weight so my knees will quit hurting 7. Lose weight so I can run, jump so all the things I used to do before the weight. 8. Lose weight so that tight dress will look stunning. 9. Lose weigh to turn heads for that second look instead of getting the “What were you thinking look” 10. Lose weight so I can go into a restraint and eat without the “looks” from others that scream -” if I was a fat as you, I would not be eating” 11. Lose weight so summer shorts will not look like they have been stretched beyond their limit. 12. Lose weight so I can actually take off the swimsuit cover -( Actually shopping for a swimsuit would be more appealing if I lost weight) 13. Lose weight so that I can get on the doctor’s scale without the nurse saying “umm” 14. Lose weight so that I can play with my grandchildren. 15. Lose weight so I can find a bra that actually fits. because my shoulders are aching, I am spilling out of the bra I have and I hate the dents in the top of your shoulders! 16. Lose weight so my ankles don’t resemble my hips. 17. Lose weight so I won’t feel like the Jolly Green Giant while clothes shopping. 18. Lose weight so I can have other choices than Plus sizes. 19. Lose weight so that I can order cute clothes from a catalog. 20. Lose weight so I can stand in front of a mirror and like what I see. 21. Lose weight so my pants won’t wear out where my thighs rub together. 22. Lose weight so I don;t ever have to feel the jiggle waltz while I walk. 23. Lose weight so I can get on any piece of equipment or get into any elevator without any worries. 24. Lose weight so I can play with my dog. 25. Lose weight so I can go to the gym without people starring at me. 26. Lose weight to look great in cute, sexy, naughty underwear. Well, cute and sexy would be enough! 27. Lose weight so I can comfortably drive my car. 28. Lose weight so I can buy a cute pair of tight jeans (Buying jeans without elastic would be a step up) 29. Lose weight so I can actually walk up a set of stairs (Don’t you hate to stop mid-way just to catch your breath?) 30. Lose weight so I can go on the rides at the local fair (Yes there is a weight limit on those!) 31. Lose weight so I won’t dread getting up in the morning to get dressed. 32. Lose weight so I can actually cross my legs (I realize that it is not healthy, but please give me the option) 33. Lose weight so I won’t dread family photos. 34. Lose weight so that I don’t get those embarrassing indents where the chair armrests have dug into my thighs. 35. Lose weight so that I can wear heels again – with confidence and without the pain. 36. Lose weight so when I am on the floors hunting for the closest plug I don’t have the dreaded fear of someone standing around watching to see if I can get back up 37. Lose weight so the gowns at the doctor’s office won’t look like I just put on an apron. 38. Lose weight so I am showing off my gorgeous legs instead of thunder thighs. 39. Lose weight so I can put on a dress or pants instead of a mumu. 40. Lose weight so I can actually lay in bed and see my toes without raising my head. 41. Lose weight so I don’t think mean, envious thought about every thin woman I see. 42. Lose weight so I don’t have to hide under all the bulky clothing – sweaters, jogging suits, or other lose clothing. 43. Lose weight so no one asks me when my baby’s due. 44. Lose weight so no one can ever refer to me as the beached whale. 45. Lose weight so even a regular towel fits all the way around me. 46. Lose weight so I can go to the movie theater without worrying about the spillage around the chair. 47. Lose weight so I can hug my knees again – comfortably. 48. Lose weight so I won’t ever have to think about hip or knee replacements. 49. Lose weight so I can once again tie my shoes in comfort. 50. Lose weight to add years to my life – I need to hold those grandbabies.

Finally keep the weight off so I would have to ever worry about a diet again

These were the top fifty reasons that came in with the survey. If you have other compelling reasons please contact me by email. I can then add your compelling reason – who knows, it could help someone else lose their weight and keep it off.

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