Lose 10 pounds in 4 days


Fasting or eating no salt can give you fast result. You can lose water weight and surely look thinner.

The instant people are told that they can lose10 pounds in 4 days; they will believe it! They will believe just anything. The fact remains that you can only safely lose about 2-3 pounds a week; anything more than that will damage your metabolism.

People always want some shortcut. But there isn’t one. To lose weight,Lose 10 pounds in 4 days Articles you need to put in lot of effort and be completely dedicated to the goal and committed to the cause. Even if the method you choose is diet pills or gastric bypass surgery, you will still need to adjust your habits to retain the changes. Or then you will soon be trying some other trendy weight loss method when you regain the weight.

If you feel you can lose 10 pounds in 4 days, you have been misled.  That much weight cannot be lost that fast by any proven safe method. A more reasonable approach is losing 2-3 pounds a week over an extended period of time.

Humans absorb about 80 percent of the nutrients from the food they consume. The rest of the nutrients pass through the body. In the case when the body is deprived of nourishment, it becomes a marvelous competent machine. The body has to put in extra work to burn fat than carbohydrate; the starving body learns to burn carbohydrate for energy while storing fat, rather than using that energy for growth.

The body does not re-adapt even when the malnourished person starts eating in a normal manner again. It goes on with its role of storing fat as if malnourished and extracts 100 percent of nutrients from the food.

The fastest way that has been proved to make you shed your excess pounds is to go on a ‘fat fast’. In this the person can eat only something like a half cup of macadamia nuts per day and water, but nothing. This way you may lose more than a pound a day. No one is claiming it to be healthy or even for that matter no one is even saying that it works.

You can get quick results by fasting or then eating no salt, only protein. Here the weight loss is not as huge as the fat fast, but you will surely look thinner as you would have lost mostly water weight and look thinner.

Instead of going on crash diets to reduce weight drastically in a short time, it’s necessary to change your lifestyle concept. That will be better than looking for the latest “diet” or plan. A proper diet rich in fiber and low on carbs and fat together with exercise at least 4 times a week will help you get better and lasting results, especially if done with proper guidance.  Take up some activity that would not only keep you going, but also also give you pleasure and satisfaction.

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