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Liquid vitamin supplements are available everywhere in a wide range of flavors. Many of these are sold at prices of $40 and more, as most of these liquid vitamins are sold through multi-level marketing agents. Manufacturers claim that the absorption rate of liquid vitamin supplements is over 90%.

Old age worsens the human body’s ability to absorb nutrients as a result of reduced levels of digestive enzymes. Vitamins can be said to be “locked up,” and digestive enzymes are the keys to release them. Among the elderly, this can contribute to lower levels of vitamins B2, B6, and B12, as well as a decreased absorption of zinc. More than the quantity of intake, what matters is the quantity of absorption by the body tissues. With liquid vitamin supplements, it is believed that there is a higher level of absorption, and that more nutrients reach their intended destinations.

A nutrient enters the bloodstream through the upper intestinal wall linings. Vitamins, when suspended or dissolved in a liquid for more than a few hours, can become unstable and lose their ability to carry the enzymes in usable form. Hence, the nutrients can get destroyed when they reach the digestive acid aids in the stomach, before they reach the upper intestine where the highest absorption occurs. However, taking vitamins in their liquid form ensures that the unnecessary ingestion of chemicals in the form of binders like DCP–which cannot be digested and which eventually forms a plaque-like substance in the body–and toxic heat chemical solvents, such as ether, toluene, and benzene, is avoided.

People having problems swallowing or absorbing solids have been observed to get good results with liquid vitamins. It is also easier to administer to infants and little children with vitamin deficiencies, unlike the tablet counterparts. Regular daily exercise, positive thinking, intake of whole healthy food, and effective management of chronic stress in daily lives are also ways to aid in the absorption process. It is advisable to take vitamins with food, when possible, as the digestive enzymes are stimulated when eating and aid in nutrient absorption. Here, liquid nutritional supplements are believed to do a better job as they provide an effective and reliable system for nutrient delivery to the bloodstream.

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