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It is often said among traditional / natural physicians that “life and death begins in the colon” because it is through the intestinal tract that we take in life-sustaining nutrients, and efficiently remove waste products from the system. When we are operating at “peak performance” all is well. A healthy
person will, many times, have a “constitutional” – moving the bowels , with as little as a cup of warm water or herbal tea first thing in the morning.

Elimination will take place about an hour and a half after a major meal. A healthy person will have two, perhaps three, bowel movements every day. So what happens with the health of most people? Unfortunately, those who follow the Standard American Diet consuming acidic drinks, such as sodas, caffeine and alcohol, acidic foods, such as all animal foods, especially dairy, refined white flour, sugar and rice, processed and prepared foods, are on the road to dis-ease, degeneration and early death. What is the mechanism involved here? People generally believe that nutrients are absorbed traveling through the 22 feet of the small intestine (which is possible, yet most-often hindered) and that the large intestine is simply storage of wastes, awaiting elimination. For those concerned with colon health, it is good to consider the nature of the upper colon (small intestine)as well as the lower colon (large intestine).The small intestine has zillions of villi (tiny hair-like projections) that absorb nutrients as they pass by. These villi become coated with mucus from animal foods, especially dairy , refined foods and white flour. These congest the intestinal wall and impede absorption. Simply avoiding dairy and white flour and drinking adequate pure water has turned around many situations involving allergies, breathing challenges, and much more. Why? Out-of-date milk is simmered until the water is cooked off and what settles down are the thick sticky proteins of milk, that is then turned into glue. It used to be that if you looked at the label of Elmer’s Glue, You would see Borden’s, Inc. Now it says. Made in China! They try to avoid a connection between Elsie’s milk and the congesting nature of the white glue. The glue, however, is not a by-product of Elmer the bull, but Elsie the cow.

Pasteurized dairy (as opposed to raw, uncooked dairy) is congesting to everyone; indeed, some people are even sensitive to raw dairy. As for white flour… remember in the 1st grade when we made cut-outs and were going to paste them on a piece of construction paper? and the teacher said, “Guess what! “we’re going to make our own glue!” Our little eyes widened and the teacher said, “I have a bowl of white flour, we’ll add some water, mix it up and it makes a lovely paste !” I’m sure the teachers in Italy would say it makes”Bella pasta” and that’s what all the white flour products do to our system when we have them day in and day out. They create congestion and block the villi, among other things. {What You eat on rare occasion – once or twice a month – has little consequence; it’s what You eat more frequently that matters) Enough said for the small intestine. The large intestine has an equally intriguing story. It’s actually more than storage of wastes, awaiting elimination. The 1st third of the large intestine is one of our buffering systems regulating pH. When we have a high intake of acidic substances, or when we drink less water than is required, becoming dehydrated, the 1st third of the large intestine actually absorbs water to counter acidity and or avoid dehydration. As a result, the contents of the large intestine often become dry and hard – in extreme cases forming dry, hard balls of fecal matter. In fact the word constipation is from the Latin, meaning: packed together. So anyone challenged with colon issues would do well to avoid congesting and acidic foods and drinks. Avoid sodas like the plague, especially “diet” sodas with their artificial (poisonous) sweeteners. Take Your weight and divide it in half; drink that many ounces of pure water (avoid tap) throughout the day.

Consume more fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables, and more sprouts. There’s a wide variety that are quite tasty. You will find that germinated (raw, soaked) nuts and seeds are quite versatile. Soaking draws out the enzyme inhibitors, so give the soak water to Your plants; rinse the nuts / seeds thoroughly, add fresh water and blend. You can add vegetables (parsley, cucumber, avocado – or carrot and beet, for example) and herbs to make a salad dressing or a sauce for steamed veggies, etc. Or for another meal (keeping Your fruits and vegetables at separate meals for proper food combining and proper digestion) add some soaked dried fruits, such as dates, figs, prunes, raisins, etc. This soak water is simply juice from the reconstituted fruits (no enzyme inhibitors like the nuts / seeds) so blend it all together; add a spotted banana with a dash of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. for a thick “milk shake”. Digestive challenges will disappear. As for cleaning the colon from the mucus build-up, there’s the natural way, the quick way and the easy way. First, there is the natural way. According to Ancient Wisdom, for every year of indiscriminate behavior, it takes one month to return to normal. So for someone who’s smoked for 30 years, it will take 30 months – 2 1/2 years – for the lungs to be pink again.

Likewise, for someone on the Standard American Diet for 30 years, it will take 30 months for the intestines to return to normal, simply following the advice of the previous paragraphs. Second, there is the quick way to clean the colon. Fasting and enemas, taken at least every other day, until the tongue turns pink is an option for those who have the time (20-40 days) and the inclination. Every hour or two, have the juice of half a lemon with several drops of liquid Steve in a warm glass of water, with as much cayenne as you can tolerate. Move as much as You can. Stretch, bounce on the balls of Your feet, work in the garden – getting air and sunshine at appropriate times of the day. Avoid TV & radio, especially the news, read books that are spiritually uplifting, or about natural lifestyles, organic (biodynamic) gardening, as well as consciousness-raising books and articles. Only talk to people who offer support and encouragement. Meditate as much as possible. Third, there is the easy way to clean the colon. In addition to the dietary and lifestyle recommendations mentioned above, there are some products geared toward facilitating the process. Take an ounce or two of VIBE in a quart of water and sip throughout the day. This provides minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients that are designed to strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system, bring vitality to the hair, skin and nails, and provide a wide variety of antioxidants that will reverse aging and repair damaged DNA throughout the body.

The nutrients in VIBE are measured in angstroms; other products are measured in microns. So VIBE has a delivery system that is 10,000 times smaller than other products. (If a micron were a mile, an angstrom would be six inches!) VIBE is designed to replace 90% of the things people take every day, and after 90 days – 90% of the people see their health challenges disappear they can see the difference in the mirror.

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