How To Lose Weight — Part II


I mentioned last time that I started to lose weight by making small easy changes. The first was that I quit a very long habit of drinking Pepsi, I loved the stuff but it is loaded with sugar and acid that my dentist says is worse for my teeth than the sugar. Anyway, I lost 9 pounds from that one change in about 4 months. Besides the weight loss I noticed other changes like the brown spots I had on my face and chest almost disappeared. (I am sure that the extra water helped too) That was good proof to me how much one little change can make.

So what was the next change I made? I started drinking green tea instead of coffee. I had to try several brands before I found one I really liked. It amazes me how one thing can taste so different with different brands, oh well. That change was pretty simple for me and I love coffee! I felt a little better about a month down the road and lost about 4 more pounds. After about three months I started to drink coffee some times like when at a restaurant, but I try to mostly drink tea.

Since that change was fairly a breeze to me, after one month I decided it was time to make another change. So I started to eat one apple everyday. I like the taste of apples once I am eating them but for some reason I never felt like ‘I want an apple, that sounds good’. So I had to make a conscious effort to eat one each day. This along with the extra water I started drinking when I gave up the soda pop made me very regular, if you know what I mean. That’s always a good thing!

Besides weight loss there are always added benefits to eating and drinking healthfully, even the smallest of changes effect everything, you will be amazed once you start. So make the effort today and make that change, you and your body will love you for it! Just do it!

I want to say here that it is extremely important to make these changes slowly and one at a time so you never feel deprived or too ‘out’ of your comfort zone. Also, Remember to find a replacement for what ever you give up or the vacuum will bring you back. Finally, there are things you should never give up; I love sweets, chocolate, YES! Why deprive myself of something I love so much? And how I can do that and still lose weight will be in the next installment.

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