How To Fight Cravings and Achieve Your Diet and Weight Loss Goals


Consume less calories and you’ll lose weight sounds easy right? The urge to eat is strong for most overweight people, in fact it’s not unlike the desire to drink for an alcoholic or the need to smoke for smokers. It can be maddening, and most of time depriving yourself of food only leads to binge eating which can shatter any dieters confidence.

Suppressing your appetite can be done relatively easy if you follow certain guide lines. First you should never allow yourself to get so hungry that you lose control and devour all food in sight, this will throw your diet completely off track. Instead you should try to eat many small meals throughout the day, and drink a large glass of water before and after every meal this is important because it will trick your body into thinking it’s full.

Another tip for stopping cravings in their tracks is to eat what I call filler foods. These are foods that you can eat large amounts of, but they contain only a small amount calories. You can eat as much of these foods as you like and still lose weight. A few filler foods that I enjoy are cucumbers, plain oatmeal, wild rice, lettuce, and cold cereal with skim milk. Most fruits and vegetables fall into this category, and most people find that these foods are very satisfying and do a good job of filling you up.

There is no easy way to lose weight, but in addition to diet and exercise there are supplements that can help give your diet a boost. Most notably Hoodia Gordonii which comes from a cactus grown in the Kalahari desert, and up until recently was unknown to the modern world. Hoodia is perhaps the most powerful appetite suppressant available today, and during a 60 minuets investigation even the reporter who tried Hoodia said that it did indeed eliminate his desire to eat.

With news of Hoodia’s effectiveness many diet pill manufactures are jumping on the bandwagon and coming out with products that they claim contain pure Hoodia Gordonii when in fact there are only a small handful of diet supplements that contain enough Hoodia to be effective.

Honest reviews of Hoodia products are hard to come by but one website that gives it to you straight is [] Where you’ll find honest Hoodia Reviews [] and no hidden agendas.

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