How Impressive is the Weight Loss Mantra with a Diary Diet?


It certainly does not appeal to every body as all obese patients are not ardent milk drinkers. But those who can manage to gulp down three glasses of low fat milk every day have a new weight loss plan in hand, The Diary Diet Plan.

Recent research on the importance of calcium in the form of milk in weight reduction has given health experts a new dimension to work on. Are we already seeing novel ways which will help fight the dangerous disorder namely obesity? A very interesting research has been conducted by researchers at the University of Tennessee to study the role of diary foods in weight loss among a group of 32 obese adults over 24 weeks. There were three groups of participants, the first group had a low calcium low diary eating plan, the second group consisted of participants who followed a high calcium supplement coupled with a low diary plan and the last group had individuals who were on a high diary eating plan.

Each group was given the essential diet facilities like consultations with dieticians, diet procedures and there were doctors to answer queries on this diet diary procedure. Results after a short study indicated positive effects on the use of diary products as it led to rapid weight loss. Though there are a lot of clinical studies which should follow the research analysis, the new theory has caught attention among many eminent researchers.

In short, diary diet therapy has been tested effective for weight loss treatment. But the extend of its weight loss magnitude has to be thoroughly studied before it is been made open to obesity treatment. With fast weight loss methods like diet pills [Phentermine, Bontril, Didrex] a new addition in the form of diary products can be an added advantage. Patients can use the pills and follow the diary diet if it’s been proved successful.

With competing medications in the drug market, a natural weight loss phenomenon with no side effects as such can interest many a curious weight watchers. Although it cannot be used as the one stop treatment for obesity, as explained earlier diary therapy can follow any diet plan and guide a speedy weight loss. As studies go further, all of us including the doctors who are eager to find a cure for obesity patiently await a proper diet treatment to kill it.

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