Fattest Country in the World: Are We There Yet?


At an estimated 64.5% of the U.S. population being considered obese or overweight, we must have that dubious title.

This information comes from the Trust for Americans’ Health, an independent advocacy group.

They say that the nation has been let down by ineffective anti-obesity policies, but I’m not sure what they expect. Personal responsibility (and yes, sloth) is a factor, but I can’t help but point to my prior article about Burger King and how many calories they pack into a food (and I use the term loosely) item.

I mean when a fast food chain sells a kids meal that has close to 700 calories… come on now! Even I, cynical bugger that I am wouldn’t expect that many calories in a kid’s meal at a fast food joint.

This is going to be ugly folks… childhood obesity is out of hand and we have an aging population that’s WAY overweight. I’m not bright enough to predict the long term consequences but I guarantee that they will not be good and we’re going to wake up one day to a crisis. I’m talking diabetes, cancer and heart disease on a massive scale.

It may be 10 years away or it may be 20… but it’s coming, sure enough.

Source: Guardian Unlimited

Victor Holtreman is the author of Lose the Last 10 Pounds, an eBook which chronicles his 2 month journey from 13% to 9% body fat using kettlebells.

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