Diet Help and the 3 Simple Rules!


In this segment we will be covering the 3 simple rules for weight loss.
Notice I said simple. In today’s information age, a lot of us are suffering from information overload. Since everyone claims to be an expert. It’s tough to separate those who are dedicated to the industry and those who well aren’t.

In the past 14 years that I’ve been involved with the industry. I always felt that someday
I would find the perfect “Diet”. Well I have! It is called moderation. Moderation you say,
what’s that? Believe me, I don’t like it anymore than anyone else does. But the fact
remains, if we can not practice moderation our bodies will not look as we want it.

The thing
that bothers me most is that a lot people read my articles, but I have to wonder how many
actually go out and follow this time tested advice. Here is an odd example of this question.
I recently sold a business to a long time friend. Well he is very intelligent and a whiz at computer programs, and the technical side of it all. If I have a question or problems with my computer, I call him and I listen because I do not have as much experience as he. Now when
he runs into a bind with the business. He’ll usually ask me, but normally doesn’t listen.

Why, I do not know. They say knowledge is power, but wisdom can even top knowledge.
If you’re afraid or too stubborn to listen to what others have to say, you’re not only wasting your time you’re wasting your life. So let’s all practice a little bit of self taught wisdom. Seek out the best advice you can and trust it.

Rule #1

Ok, now let’s get to it. Again these are really just 3 very simple rules, that if you follow you will make tremendous gains. One is as I mentioned moderation. Or to take it a step further. Counting calories. Many don’t like to count calories, but believe me, unless you are a seasoned pro, you would be amazed at the amount of empty calories one can consume through the day. Here is another tip. Take your body weight and multiply times 10. That is a fair estimate of your caloric needs. So we now know how much food to consume through the day.

Rule #2

Next question is how do I burn off the extra weight that I do have. Very easy.
Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. and Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, throw in a few
days in the gym or in your home. Grab a set of 10-15 pound dumbbells. Do 5 sets of say
10-12 reps. Take 2 min. rest between sets, and keep your heart rate up. Do some sets for your arms, chest and legs. 5 sets for each body part.

Rule #3

Stay positive and do not give up. Your body is a very large determinant of how people
view you. They say a lot about first impressions. Well your body is the first thing anyone
sees. You owe it to yourself.

I don’t have the room to go into all the details for exercise and gym work. But if you would
like more information I go into detail in my New book Insider Secrets. More information is available at [] – take my years of experience and apply it today.

Joshua Carson is an Author, Freelance writer, and Founder of Sybs. Technologies – a company that is dedicated to energy supplements. His newest book Insider Secrets is available at his web site [] You can also sign up for his free newsletter there.

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