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Like most of us, you begin packing “saddle bags”, “love handles”, “thunder thighs” along with building up a big fat butt over the years. Too many calories from the wrong sorts of food? Perhaps. Not enough free time away from family and work to create a get-it-done workout program? Yeah, of course. Family genetics where all sides of the family dinner table are covered by aunts and uncles and moms and dads and kids, each with their version of a big fat butt? Yes again.

Fat butt blues don’t have to be a permanent “dragging anchor” on your life. Fashion trends, science dedicated to body contouring needs and your own desire to become more attractive have created some remarkable body image solutions, from low impact non surgical choices to full scale cosmetic surgery options.

Lose Butt Fat – Non Surgical Effective Choices To Know About. It took a lot of time and work to create your fat butt, so you’ll need some patience and commitment in order to bring that big fat butt into line with your body image goals. Some great industry-leading strategies to lose butt fat include some low impact non surgical options:

Reducing Fat Butt Build-up With Ultrasound And Radio Frequency Therapy. Who would’ve thought that digital-age energy technologies such as ultrasound and radio frequency emitters could ply the mounds of your fat butt into a new improved female body shape? Here’s how it can work for you. In both technologies, you feel virtually nothing other than a slight warming “below the skin” as your butt fat cells absorb the energy delivered by the ultrasound or RF device. Results? Just your butt fat cells absorb this targeted energy, the cell structure breaks down, the fat converts into a liquid state for easy extraction via a tiny suctioning tool. Think of these type of fat butt treatments in terms of up to several pounds of fat being “harvested” during the treatment.

Butt Exercise That Slims And Shapes Your Booty. Everyone knows about the diet and exercise possibilities for reducing a fat butt and developing a more attractive curvaceous female body shape. Yes… but the problem is who has the time and the discipline to pull off this sort of strategy and keep the butt fat off forever? Answer? Mostly the people who don’t have a big fat butt problem to begin with. Don’t give up. Smart and fun butt exercise and body shaping programs are coming into the market every day.

Take for example the body sculpting results delivered by the recently launched Yoga Booty Ballet. Ordinary men and women showcase this butt exercise and body shaping fitness program, reporting that they can lose 20 pounds or more and 10 to 20 inches in girth. What’s involved with Yoga Booty Ballet is a carefully blended combo of stretching, yoga, meditation, ballet moves for strength and balance and contemporary let-it-all-hang-out modern dance and butt exercise moves that will literally melt body fat. Like other “intelligent” butt exercise training programs, Yoga Booty Ballet is all about regular folks of all ages, and not about reed-thin super models or Hollywood stars.

Fat Butt Liposuction Surgery – The Gold Standard For Reducing Body Fat. If circumstances force your hand, and you want some body shaping results now rather than years from now, then you need to consider the most popular cosmetic procedure these days which is fat reducing liposuction. When your board certified surgeon reaches for the liposuction device, you’ll be thinking in terms of pounds of fat, perhaps up to 9 pounds in a single 1 to 2 hour treatment. And, as you know, 9 pounds of saddlebag butt fat is no small deal. Your body shape will be trimmed down dramatically. You’ll look more attractive, feel more confident.

Lower Body Lift – Another Cosmetic Surgery Option For Reducing Fat Butt Blues. For most people, a big fat butt is only part of the lower body fat accumulation problem. Solution? Safe, tested techniques are now available where you can combine a lower body lift with liposuction in order to dramatically reduce fat butt shape, lose thigh fat, reduce sagging loose skin, and re-shape a fat tummy. Think of this sort of 1-2 combo surgery as the Holy Grail of body shaping, where you can instantly create major improvements to your body image.

Fat Butt Resources To Further Guide You. Find out if you’re the right candidate for life-enhancing butt exercise programs, or whether you can qualify for non surgical or surgical options to reduce butt fat and create a more attractive female body shape.

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