Atkins Diet Review: The Truth About The Atkins Diet


The Atkins diet plan has made an impact in the market for many years. No other diet plan has become as successful as this low carb diet plan. The Atkins diet has helped many people to reduce the weight and minimize the health related problems associated with obesity. It has assisted many people to regain the strength and shape up the body. It has gained popularity with people from all walks of life. However there are some not so good things to consider before going for it.

Some Facts About The Atkins Diet:

Atkins diet plan has gained this popularity mainly because you get the desired results without starving, you can eat significant quantities of the right foods. This diet plan suggests low carbs and high protein diet. Also many think that it is useful for mainly non-vegetarian people as it directs the use of animal proteins. But with some modifications and care, the vegetarian people can also use this diet and get the desired results.

Though this plan has caused the biggest weight loss, there are controversies involved also. To some people, it has worked like magic and is the most useful diet plan. But some people think it to be too good to real diet plan. They think of it as impractical and dangerous diet plan.

As this diet relies on a high protein diet, it is claimed that the high intake of protein can seriously harms the kidney function. But it can not be proved through well documented studies that effects such as these have been noted. Also, long term caloric limitations can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Even Dr Atkins ended up developing a whole line of supplements to balance the nutrition of long term dieters. This is the one of the bad points of this diet plan. But if you carefully follow the Akins diet plan, you will get to know that intake of carbohydrates are restricted only in the first phase and then gradually the carbs intake increases. Also it is highly recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements with this diet plan.

Some also states that high fat intake may lead to heart attack. But as the carbohydrate intake is limited, the main energy source of body becomes fats so fat intake will not harm as you are balancing it with carbohydrate intake.

Also some wonders that though it is a weight reducing diet plan, how it allows to it almost everything. The main reason of it is, Atkins diet plan insist the wholesome food. As reducing weight by starving is a wrong approach, it will not starve you but make you eat balanced food.

It provides many recipe books which has some really delicious and easy to prepare recipes which will capture your taste buds and heart too. Though many people are following this diet plan, there are some good as well as bad points of it.

There are some very good points about this diet and some bad points but you can get around those points with some care. When all is said and done remember this diet has worked for millions of people, Now you have to think and take right decision.

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