5 Big Reasons to Consider Using Lutein Supplements


What if I told you there was a nutrient that afforded a broad range of protection…from possibly warding off certain types of cancer, to protecing against bad cholesterol, to alleviating arthritis aches, to countering free radical damage and, most famously of all, to protecting and preserving the vision of the eyes?

Such a nutrient does indeed exist, and what you’ve just read are 5 big reasons to consider using lutein supplements that supply an adequate lutein dosage or eat foods containing lutein.

Lutein has received its fair share of accolades in recent years as major studies have shown that it can be of great benefit for eye health. In fact, it is now recommended by many natural health experts for the middle aged and beyond to help prevent macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in those over 60 years old.

Millions of people in the United States alone are afflicted with macular degeneration.

What’s really tragic is a lot of this could be avoided with proper nutrition. Eat more foods containing lutein as a start, which would include: spinach, kale, broccoli, collard greens, and other green leafy vegetables.

Egg yolks are also one of the best foods containing lutein.

One should not rely solely on supplements with lutein because a good diet should always be your starting point for good health.

If you begin eating more leafy green veggies that are naturally rich in lutein, you probably do not need to use more than 4 to 5 mg per day from a good lutein supplement if you are middle aged or beyond.

However, this is assuming that you are eating a varied and healthy diet.

If the case is, like many people, you are not eating many foods containing lutein, then you should consider a higher lutein dosage as part of your daily supplement regimen.

Other reasons you might want to consider adding lutein supplements to your regimen are:

  • a possible role in keeping arteries clear from LDL cholesterol, which in turn will help protect cardiovascular health.
  • studies revealing that colon cancer may be significantly reduced with lutein use
  • antioxidant properties of lutein may help mitigate osteoarthritis aches

Although lutein has been touted as a key nutrient for eye health, other vitamins and minerals and nutrients have also been shown to help significantly include: zeaxanthin, the minerals zinc and selenium, and vitamins C and E.

Get more facts, info on foods containing lutein [http://www.beat-your-health-condition.com/vitamins-to-take-for-macular-degeneration.html], and learn how to choose a quality lutein supplement at: [http://www.nutritional-supplement-info.com/lutein.html].

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