3 Reasons Why We FAIL at DIETING


If your goals is to lose weight, fit into that smaller pair of jeans or lose those last 5 pounds then this information is exactly what you have been looking for.

You see there are three patterns that keep people form living happily in their desired weight – Fanatical Dieting, Emotional Eating and Conditioning.


Just about every diet that is or has ever been on the market, has calorie guides, menus, and ‘what not to eat’ food lists. Basically the plan of how you are going to DIET.

Let me make it quite clear from the on-set…

A diet is … a program set out to have control over what, where, when or how much you eat.

Did you know that scientific research shows 90% of people who attempt to lose weight FAIL? Just in case you missed that information, 90% of people fail at their attempt to lose weight.

All that diets have taught the 90% is how to get FAT and feel like a failure! My suggestion to the masses who are FANATIC DIETERS … forget about dieting, FOREVER! The more you diet and fail the more convinced that you will never lose weight.

Studies worldwide have proved that depriving yourself of food is the worst way to lose weight; if you are currently doing this and it isn’t working then you need to try something different.


Did you know that emotional eating is the second most proven reason for overeating, causing obesity in the world?

Eating because of boredom, loneliness, being miserable, tired and a million and one other emotional reasons, none of which has to do with actual physical hunger.

Emotional eating never makes your body feel satisfied; that is why people who eat this way never feel full. They never get the signal to stop eating because they wanted to satisfy their emotion not their hunger. Emotions can never be satisfied with food.

If you chose not to acknowledge the emotion it tends to nag at you, so to get rid of it you eat. By trying to block the emotion, it tends to nag you more and more…so you decide to eat more and more. The nagging will NEVER go away until you acknowledge it. Otherwise you will be forever EMOTIONALLY EATING.

However, this is where Emotional Freedom Technique can help! It can help void all the negative emotions that cause you to overeat in the first place. The precept of Emotional Freedom Technique is that…ALL negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. Get rid of the disruption and you free yourself for the emotion.

As soon as you acknowledge the nagging (with emotional freedom technique) the emotion will simply go away.

The great thing is that you will never be a victim of emotional eating again using this technique. If you ever get tempted again to snack, ask yourself…are you really hungry or do you just want to change the way you feel?

And remember if it is that you just want to change the way you feel, then it isn’t food that will answer your craving, and using Emotional Freedom Technique will help with that.

I have successfully used Emotional Freedom Technique on issues such as post traumatic syndrome, fear, abuse, OCD and many more. It often works where nothing else will, usually rapid, long lasting and gentle, no drugs or equipment involved, easily learned by anyone and can be self applied. My many workshop participants will testify to this.


If you are overweight, you’re not lazy, crazy or a bad person. You have just conditioned your mind and body to be that way. No amount of dieting, will power, pills, and shakes can change that.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change the way you think about food and your relationship to it. You have simply developed some very UNPRODUCTIVE habits.

The good news is that reprogramming the mind and body is as simple as using Emotional Freedom Technique that will guarantee your success. You don’t even have to believe that it will work. It just does!

My simple 4 step method using Emotional Freedom Technique will not only help you lose weight but stop obsessing about food for ever

Author Bio: Gillian Tarawhiti BSc, Dip BM, Dip Ed, is Founder and CEO of Community Training Centre & Gain Back Your Life Centre, A registered EFT Practitioner, Member of AAMET and Online Training and Support to the new and not so new netpreneurs. Gillian is also the author of eBay Billion Dollar Goldmine, and the creator of the Multiple Ripple Effect System © 2004. Permission is granted to reprint this article in print or on your web site so long as the paragraph above is included and contact information is provided to [http://www.gainbackyourlife-eft.com].

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