Supplements May Be Doing More Harm


A popular question that comes up among my clients especially athletes is about nutrition. They always want to know what they should eat and what supplements I recommend. This is when I cringe, when I hear them talk about supplements. In a nutshell supplements just make expensive urine. A good diet is all you need, and I don’t care what other studies say. Humans have lived long before supplements came out, and they were living quite fine. The absence of synthetic supplements from your diet won’t kill you; in a matter of fat it may promote your health more.

Most of the time synthetic supplements aren’t absorbed well in the body, and the rest is excreted. I’m a firm believer that it’s impossible to get a substitute for a good healthy diet through a bottle. Skip supplements all you need to do is to eat a diet that is rich in nutrients, phytonutrients, micronutrinets, enzymes, and omega 3 fatty acids and you should be just fine. Don’t forget to drink adequate amounts of pure water and get your adequate amount of sunlight (vitamin D).

By the way, the government doesn’t do a good job in regulating supplements and it could be literally anything within a capsule. Some supplement companies don’t even list their ingredients on their bottle. Seems a little skeptical to me, I would stick to natural foods.

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