Will The Calorie Shifting Diet Work For You?


“Tricking” the body’s metabolism has been found to work wonders when it comes to weight loss, as the body will hold onto fat when the metabolism becomes accustomed to a certain routine. Calorie shifting works by understanding this scientific principle and is simply a way of eating that keeps the body guessing so that the metabolism never becomes accustomed to one particular routine. But what exactly is calorie shifting, and can this work for everyone?

There are three main components to eating according to the calorie shifting principles, and this includes the kind of foods you eat, the total number of calories, and the nutrients in those foods. If you eat basically the same foods day in and day out, your body quickly becomes accustomed to this routine; calorie shifting means mixing up what you eat and how much you eat from day to day. This means that your metabolism won’t slow down because it expects a certain amount of calories day in and day out. There is no particular list of foods to be eaten or schedule to follow, but of course you need to stay within a healthy number of calories and be mindful of your nutrition overall.

So, one day you rely heavily on vegetables and fruits and perhaps have only a small amount of meat at lunch, and eat 1200 calories. The next day you’ll have more meat than you did the day before, and eat 1500 calories. The day after, you again reduce your calorie intake to 1200 and eat more whole grains; the third day you eat 1800 calories; every day you simply mix up your routine in this way. That’s the heart of the calorie shifting diet.

You should of course always talk to a doctor when starting any new eating plan and make sure you’re eating healthy foods, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and so on, even when following the calorie shifting diet, however, this eating plan has helped thousands to lose weight and may also work for you!

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