The Mediterranean Diet For A Healthy Heart


Have you ever heard your heart? I did once when a cardiologist connected the stethoscope to a speaker on his computer and my heart sounded like a monster taking a mud bath! It has just been revealed that the old stethoscope is about to be made redundant! Why? Doctors have found that an Mp3 is much more effective. At a recent conference in Stockholm medics reported that the old stethoscope is quite adequate but the doctors listening to those sounds from your heart and lungs have problems in interpreting them. So, some doctors place a Mp3 device on the patient’s chest and the sound quality is not only much better which means they can better interpret them but also that other doctors can listen in when there is a doubt about the diagnosis.

What are the facts you need to know when talking about a healthy heart? Most cardiologists will ask you about your diet and that is going to come under some scrutiny! Supplementing our diets may be the best approach to a healthy heart . The Mediterranean Diet has been studied not only by The American Heart Foundation but also other prestigious institutions such as The University of Harvard. I want to outline in this article what you need to know about your heart and heart disease.

If we have heart problems we can use techniques such as yoga, meditation, proper diet and make some important lifestyle and job changes so that we can still lead a dynamic life. Dietary considerations which not only help prevent heart disease, but can even reverse symptoms in those with diagnosed conditions. The Mediterranean Diet is such a diet and has gained world attention because it has proven to be a great help in the prevention of heart disease.

If your diet has too much salt and high in saturated fats plus an excess of sugary and dairy foods, then is a potential time bomb waiting to explode.

Ask your doctor to check your cholesterol. This is done with a blood test that will show the amount of cholesterol in your blood with a number. The test will also show the amount of “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Garlic and onions can also help improve your cholesterol profile. A high intake of fibre helps lower cholesterol levels.

This is just the beginning. The Mediterranean Diet has all these ingredients and lots more for a happy healthy heart with some delicious recipes.

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Have you a healthy heart? Is your diet ok? Check out the Mediterranean Diet to be sure!

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