The Idiot Proof Diet


The Idiot Proof Diet was once called weight loss for idiots and is now known as the Fatloss4idiots diet. This diet runs for 11 days, then there is a 3 day break (where you can eat what you want) and then you start the diet again for the next 11 days. You continue to do this until you have reached your weight loss goal. You can lose up to 9 pounds every time you do this diet, but the average weight loss is about 7 pounds every 11 days.

Why the “idiot Proof Diet”? Because it comes with an online diet generator that automatically creates your meal plan for you. You select the foods you want to eat for the duration of the 11 days, click submit and then within seconds you have your meal plan for each day. So it is basically idiot proof because once you do this all you have to do is follow the meal plan exactly and you will lose weight.

The foods you selected in the online diet generator are protein foods and carbohydrate foods such as peanuts, eggs, chicken salad, roast beef slices, and many more. These foods are then placed in your meal program by type of food each day. This diet works by shifting calorie types and keeping your metabolism confused. So one day your meal plan will have protein type foods while another will have carbohydrate type foods. You will not feel hungry because you get to eat 4 times per day. The meals are supposed to be eaten every 2 1/2 hours. This Idiot Proof Diet keeps you from feeling like you’re starving and therefore you will stay on the diet without cheating.

Eliminating soft drinks, coffee, and tea from your daily routine and only drinking water will help you lose a lot of weight. Using this tip along with at least 30 minutes of brisk walking every day will also help you burn calories.

To learn more about this amazing weight loss program, please visit the Official Idiot Proof Diet [] website today! You’ll be glad you did.

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