The Calorie Shifting Diet


Diets using the calorie shifting method are exploding in popularity at this moment in time. The biggest reason for this seems to be because of the great feedback given by those who have used it. Is it deserved praise though?

The majority of diets available today are based on the idea of eliminating food groups and seriously lowering the amount of calories that you consume each day. The calorie shifting diet however instead focuses on the idea of rotating the groups of food you eat each day.

Many diets fail because your body believes you are starving and so it slows down your metabolism. It also starts to burn muscle instead of fat which increases your appetite and craving for food. Shifting calories tricks the body by rotating foods which fools it into believing you aren’t on a diet.

The fact that you receive 3 full days off to eat whatever foods you like after every 11 day program means you never really feel you are being denied any foods and is a great motivator. Also the fact that the menus that are generated for you consist of 4 meals a day you are never really left feeling starved and so are far less likely to break your diet and binge.

I achieved my weight loss aims thanks to a calorie shifting diet and I genuinely believe that anyone else could do the same. I’ve tried most diets and this was certainly the easiest to stick with but it also provided fast results too. If you are looking for a way to lose weight that you haven’t tried before I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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