The Best Diet To Help You Shed Off Those Inches


Confused? Need assistance to get the best diet to help you shed off those inches?

You are not alone in this weight loss confusion… especially with the information overload that is coming from all over. Just like many other dieters you need the best diet to assist you move forward and achieve noticeable results without a heck.

Several suggestions are being made from time to time… But at the end of the day there is still no consensus on what really constitutes the best diet. In this article, we have tried to clear the mist and the confusion…

Nowadays fashions in slimming diets come and go. Again, more often than not crash diets are suggested for achieving a rapid weight loss within a set time period, yet they do not yield any positive results.

If incorrect eating and drinking habits are brought to an end, there will be no lasting benefit. As a result the weight will gradually creep back again. This is why we have yo-yo dieters who are on and off with their weight loss.

Furthermore, some of the short term diets, for example the recently popular High Protein Diet, are not only nutritionally unsafe and can be dangerous to your health, just like systems involving drugs and hormones.

Instead of quick fixes, you should aim for a steady and regular reduction in weight loss – about 1kg (2 Ib) a week is average – based on a balanced vegetarian diet.

Fasting can be effective to begin your weight loss journey with. For a healthy person, one to three days taking only fruit or vegetable juices or – less strict – eating 200g (8 oz) of fresh fruit three times a day, will do no harm. It will probably give an initial weight loss of several pounds which is a good start.

Longer fasting should be supervised by a doctor or medical practitioner. Following the period of fasting, or when taking the first steps, a diet should be planned which is low in calories and varied. It should also contain a high percentage of raw foods.

In some cases reduced food intake may lead to constipation. It is therefore important to eat unrefined carbohydrates, such as whole wheat bread and brown unpolished rice. Fiber or bran can help in such cases. Refined foods such as white flour and white sugar should not be included in your best diet.

You can expedite the process of weight loss with one day a week on raw apples, without any additional liquid. Fluid intake should be restricted. Raw vegetables and fruits will give a good supply of liquid, and two cups daily of additional fluid should be adequate. If salty and hot spicy foods are avoided there will be no craving for more.

Some of the suggested drinks include, inter alia, water with lemon juice; herb teas and weak tea with lemon or milk; clear vegetable soups with fresh herbs. Artificial sweeteners are not recommended here instead you should use a little honey if you feel you must add sweetness.

You should eat food slowly and chew it well. In that way, you can eat less and still feel satisfied. The best diet should be based on an intake of between 1000 and 1500 calories a day.

Fresh air and exercise are also important in a good slimming programme. Take as much exercise as possible – walking is excellent – and deep breathing in the open air for several minutes each day will be beneficial.

A daily allowance of 140ml (5 fl.oz) whole milk, or 285ml (10 fl.oz) skim milk, or 200ml (7 fl.oz) Plamil. Each of these contains about 100 calories. The suggestion is that midday and evening meals can be interchanged.

The best diet should allow for some flexibility so that you don’t feel constrained.

We hope this has helped you in your weight loss expedition.

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