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It’s a good idea to detox our body once in a while. Detox doesn’t just mean abstaining from beer or junk food for a couple of days. Our body is a warehouse of toxins and dangerous chemicals accrued over a period of years that make our immune system ineffective and damage other parts of our body. When the toxin level surpass certain level,Guest Posting they get converted into free radicals and cause extensive damage to all other organs, break the body’s defense system and may cause lots of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, MS and even cancer.

So how do we protect our body from this toxins? A detox diet is one the ways. Body detox and its benefits is a well researched subject now. Research has also shown that a detox once or twice a year helps in lowering cholesterol in blood, counter allergies, improving skin, balancing the chemical levels in the body and effectively lengthens our life span.

When you go on a detox diet, you’re doing your body a favor by helping it get rid of the toxins and unwanted chemicals that have build up through out the years. Many celebrities swore by the positive effects that they are getting from detox diets. They have claimed that this type of diet has improved their life quality by increasing energy levels, helping them lose weight, improving digestion, improving the body’s defense system, improving their mental mind frame and driving away the fatigue that was preventing them from enjoying life to the fullest. Of course, a good nourishing diet and healthy habits should help achieve all of the above, but people normally recognize the importance of a healthy diet late in life and by then we are already infused with a lot of toxins. At this stage, a body detox is the best method to get rid of the toxin build up.

There are a lot of variations in detox diets. You can opt for a liquid diet that prescribes only water or fruit juices through out the day for a few days. Other alternatives include a diet whereby you raise the consumption of fish and reduce calorie intake. A herbal detox diet is a packaged diet that aid you in achieving your goal.

So many detox diet combination are available that, with the right fundamentals, you too can make your own diet catalog.

One of the most famous and simplest detox diet is the grape diet. This diet requires you to eat only grapes and nothing else. With this diet, you can eat grapes anyway you like, as a fruit with water or as juice. This should be followed for a few days to allow your system a thorough cleanse. It’s adequate if you use this diet for a few days if you’re healthy.

Another type of detox diet is the lemon diet. It’s also one of the most popular. With this diet, all you have to do is drink lemon juice and nothing else for the whole day. Water is known as one of the best detox agents, so make certain that you drink more than 64 ounces a day. By adding lemon to water, you get the added nourishment of Vitamin C.

While it’s one of the simplest detox diet, the lemon diet is slightly more complex compared to the grape diet. The formula for this diet involve mixing two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemons, 1/8th of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of B grade organic maple syrup with a cup of pure water. It’s important to be sure the water is fluoride free.

Another type of detox diet is the cabbage soup diet. This diet is more forgiving as it’s more filling and thus able to keep hunger pangs away. The Gazpacho diet is similar to cabbage. This is a Spanish soup with a mixture of tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh garlic clove and cucumbers. This soup is meant to be drink cold.

A detox diet is a great way of attaining a whole new body combined with good eating habits; however, be careful when selecting your detox diet and implementing it.

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