How to Super Charge Your Diet

How to Super Charge Your Diet

What I am going to tell you is some very powerful information. I am going to show you how to make YOUR recipes super healthy like mine. You like eating you favorite recipes,How to Super Charge Your Diet Articles so you should continue to do so. Most recipes can be made healthier.

1. Ratio is more important that quantity. I do not count calories. I want you to make sure that meat is less than one third of your plate and fruits and vegetables are at least 2/3 of your plate. Meat and protein slow down digestion; you need fiber and carbohydrates to keep your digestion moving.

2. Mix proteins and sugars. This will help to keep your blood sugar level. Blood sugar affects energy levels and mood as well as hunger. For example if you eat an orange by itself it will cause your blood sugar to spike. You will have a burst of energy but then be tired a while later. But if you eat a handful of nuts with it will keep your blood sugar level. If you find your self always eating or craving sweets eating some protein with the sweets will reduce this tendency.

3. Try to avoid fats that are solid at room temperature. Your body has trouble processing these fats; they clog you arteries and make you fat. Examples of fats you should try to avoid are lard, margarine, and butter. However you can eat as much good fat as you like. Replace those saturated fats like lard and butter with good fats like olive and vegetable oil. The foods will taste the about the same but be much better for you.

4. As I have mentioned before be careful with packaged foods. Read the ingredients and select the ones with the least chemicals. A lot of things that you buy packaged can be made without chemicals at home easily. See the back issues for my quick easy hummus, salsa, and guacamole recipes. Remember, when you make something yourself you know exactly what’s in it.

5. Avoid white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and white rice. These things are all highly refined and have different bad effects on our health. Drink less soda. It is bad for you. Try to drink less than one or two a day. It raises you blood sugar. Besides that, it rots your teeth; even diet soda has acids that rot teeth. When cooking these things can be easily replaced with whole grain flours, cane sugar, fruit preserves, and long grain brown rice.

6. Kick it up a notch. Add lots of spices to your food. If your food is tasty you will want to eat it and not eat junk or fast food. Most spices are also very powerful antioxidants. Hot things like pepper also increase our metabolic rate. Add spices right at the end of cooking so they retain their full flavor and antioxidant power. Next time I will have the tip of the day be about what may be the most powerful spice of all: cinnamon. If you can afford it or if you are lucky enough to have a garden or sunny window sill, using fresh herbs makes almost anything better. I like to keep a little basil plant on the window sill in the winter.

7. Eat some raw foods. Raw fruits and vegetables have important enzymes that aid our health and detoxify us. Wash them real well. If you can afford to, use organic fruits and vegetables or grow your own. They are often more nutritious. An apple a day keeps the doctor way.

8. Reduce grilled or smoked foods. These processes make toxic chemicals. The ‘char’ on grilled foods and the smoke flavor in smoked foods contain concentrated free radicals. I know they are delicious, but they are deadly. Try using the broiler, oven or frying in olive oil as alternatives to grilling.

9. Take some vitamins. I think it is good to eat a Multivitamin; it can’t hurt and a big jar is cheep.

10. Drink lots of green tea and water. Ice water actually had negative calories. Drink a glass before a meal and you will be less likely to overeat. A glass of hot green tea after a meal will help digestion and elimination of any toxins.

11. Don’t skip breakfast. Your mom was right.

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