Fat Loss 4 Idiot – Here’s The Secret for Your Slimmer Body and Impress All Your Friends in 2 Weeks!


The one way to find out if the Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet can stand true to its claims is by understanding and applying the theory behind it.

So what is the theory behind the Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet?

It is called the Shifting Calories theory. Simply put, the diet program makes use of the fact that your body will burn fats based on your past eating patterns. So, if you ‘confuse’ your body by eating differently everyday, your metabolism will start burning calories and more fats after that.

Does that mean I can eat ANYTHING?

Of course, in order to make the Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet works, you have to consume foods that are ‘Fat Burning Compatible’. When you signed up for the program, you will be given access to an Online Diet Generator that will generate your meal plans and calculate your caloric intake.

So how can I look slimmer in 11 days?

The Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet is based on an 11-day cycle program. You are advised to follow the meal plans closely so that you can lose 9 pounds in that period. Most people have reported to lose about 5.5 pounds to 10 pounds within that cycle. Of course, if you start losing more then it is advisable that you go slowly. Anything more than 9 pounds in 2 weeks is unhealthy.

What if I have cravings?

The Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet has been scheduled in such a way that you can have your ‘cheat period’ at the end of the 11 day cycle. This cheat period allows you to eat your favorite food that you have been craving for. To ensure success in any diet program, it is vital that you follow the routine closely and only consume your cravings during your cheat period.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet has shown tremendous success rate for its users. It is easy to follow and doesn’t require you to indulge in heavy physical activities.

If you desire to have that slimmer body and earn praises from your friends in 2 weeks, then go and sign up for the Fat Loss 4 Idiot program from the website provided below.

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